15 Action-Adventure Video Games You Should Try


Action-adventure is very broad when one considers the definition of the two genres. More specifically, these games create situations with problems that need real-time interaction. That definition is still vague though. To better understand the genre, here are 15 titles you can sample.

  1. Assassin’s Creed II

Ezio Auditore’s carefree world changed when his father and his two brothers were hanged for treason. His quest for vengeance ties him up with a feud that has lasted for centuries.

  1. Banjo-Tooie

Gruntilda and her sisters are seeking revenge after Gruntilda’s imprisonment. Banjo and Kazooie should stop them before the inhabitants are vaporized.

  1. Bioshock

When Jack’s plane crashed near a lighthouse, he discovers Rapture, a city supposedly built as a utopia until the discovery of superhuman abilities. He has to survive the madness that has taken over the city.

  1. Dishonored

Corvo Attano was framed for the kidnapping of the princess Emily and the death of Empress Jessamine Kaldwin. Just before his execution, help arrives.

  1. Metal Gear

Rookie Solid Snake’s first mission is to destroy Metal Gear inside the Outer Heaven to stop it from launching nuclear missiles. The previous agent had gone missing.

  1. Onimusha: Warlords

When Hidemitsu Samanosuke Akechi discovers that the Genma took his cousin Princess Yuki, he is granted powers by the Oni Clan to fight the demons.

  1. Ookami

The goddess of the sun Amaterasu is summoned by Sakuya to rid the world of the curse of Orochi after Susano freed him. The artist Issun joins her.

  1. Red Dead Redemption

John Marston’s wife and his child were taken from him. He was picked up the the Bureau of Investigation to point out members of his gang.

  1. Shadow of the Colossus or Wander and the Colossus

Wander and his horse Agro have to overcome sixteen colossi to bring back Mono from the dead after she was sacrificed.

  1. Super Metroid

In this third installment, the player acts as Samur Aran who has to retrieve the stolen Metroid larva she brought to the space colony.

  1. The Last of Us

Joel must escort Ellie to the Fireflies, who is immune from the infection of a mutant fungus.

  1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The fifth installment of the series, it features Link who has to stop King Ganondorf of Gerudo tribe from acquiring the relic Triforce. Link awakens the sages by traveling through time.

  1. Tomb Raider

In this reboot, Lara Croft’s first expedition was supposed to to be a search for the kingdom of Yamatai. They were shipwrecked and she was separated from her companions.

  1. Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

As a descendant of a famous explorer, Nathan Drake wants to follow in his ancestor’s footsteps by looking for the fabled El Dorado.

  1. Watch Dogs

During one of Aiden Pearce’s hacking jobs, he and his partner were discovered after finding a strange file. Aiden tried to leave with his family, but they were confronted by two hitmen.

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