20 Role-Playing Games You Should Try


There is no significant difference between Western and Japanese RPGs when it comes to game mechanics except the animation style, pre-set playable character and the origin of the game. A debate about which is better is pointless. You decide by playing the RPGs from both sub-genres listed below.

Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance. Gorion’s Ward, the last of the Bhaalspawn, has to deal with the troubles of the city after he witnessed the death of his adoptive father.


Breath of Fire: The Dragon Warrior. Shapeshifter Ryu was searching for his sister when he ends up battling the Dark Dragon Clan.


Chrono Trigger. A group of friends travel through various periods of history to acquire information and weapons to prevent a disaster.


Demon’s Souls. The character goes to Boletaria, ruled by King Allant XII who brought about the Deep Fog.


Deus Ex. JC Denton comes into conflict with the Majestic 12, Triad and the Illuminati after performing some missions using his nanotechnology-enhanced abilities.


Diablo. The player must survive the sixteen dungeons before the can defeat the Lord of Terror Diablo.


Dragon Age: Origins. The player is recruited into the Grey Wardens. He joins King Cailan of Ferelden who were about to fight the Darkspawn.


Dragon Quest or Dragon Warrior. The player has to rescue Princess Gwaelin who is being held captive at a cave by the Dragonlord.


Elder Scrolls. Most games in the series take place in Nirn, particularly in the Tamriel continent. The spirits recruited by Lorkhan disagreed. His death split the races.


Fable. An orphaned boy was rescued and trained to become a Hero in the Heroes’ Guild.


Fallout. “Vault Dweller” who has to retrieve a water chip in the Wasteland to save the vault from water shortage. It is set in Southern California after a nuclear war.


Final Fantasy. Most games in this series are stand-alone games, but all share one common goal: a group of adventurers endure hardships to defeat evil.

Mass Effect. Commander Shepard envisioned war and death after the rogue, Saren Arterius, escapes. Shepard has to stop the opening of a portal that would invite a machine race called Reapers.


Neverwinter Nights. The character has to collect the Waterdhavian creatures to cure the Wailing Death.


Phantasy Star. Alis wanted revenge for his brother Nero Landale, but her quest soon included freedom of Algol from King Lassic.


Revelations: Persona. A group of friends gain abilities to summon Personas after a fortune-telling game.


Skies of Arcadia or Eternal Arcadia. Vyse, Aika and Fina will try to gather the Moon Crystals to prevent Empress Teodora of Valuan Empire from reawakening the Gigas.


Suikoden. General Teo McDohl’s son should find the 108 warriors destined to help overthrow the Scarlet Moon Empire.


The Witcher. Geralt of Rivia was found unconscious with no memory of his life before he woke up. He was taken to Kaer Morhen, later assaulted by the Salamandra.


Xenogears. The first game in the Xeno series features the mysterious Fei Fong Wong who destroys his adoptive village.

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