2014 is a Big Year for Singapore

2014 is a big year for Singapore because of some preparations for next year’s celebrations. It is important that preparations are made so that the events of next year will be flawless. There are many public celebrations noted for next year. Here are some events that you should know and be excited about:


Golden Independence

Singapore got its independence from Britain in 1963. Singapore then joined the Federation of Malaysia but it was rough. Two years later, Singapore decided to part ways with the federation and formed the republic with its leader and pioneer Lee Kuan Yew. Singaporeans celebrate the independence every August 9. In 2015, the republic will celebrate its 50th year as an independent state.


SEA Games Hosting

The 28th SEA (Southeast Asian) Games will be hosted by Singapore. The final date was set. It will be from June 5-16, 2015. There will be 7000 athletes expected to join the games from eleven nations. The games will take place in the remarkable stadium located in Kallang.

Opening of NAG

For patrons of the art, they will be happy to know that the opening of NAG (National Art Gallery) is set in 2015. The art gallery will feature visual arts. NAG is located in Civic District. NAG is born from two buildings – former Supreme Court and the City Hall.


Climbing Expedition to Mount Everest

There is a team preparing for an expedition in Mount Everest. Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. It is located in the Himalayas. The team is preparing to climb the peak of 8, 848 metres.

For sure these celebrations will be massive. Many people are looking forward to it. Time easily flies. Next thing you know it is 2015. Meanwhile, you just need to enjoy 2014 with enthusiasm.

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