4 Mom Decisions You Shouldn’t Be Guilty About

It’s common for new moms to question your choices and doubt your decisions for your little angel. Despite the advices you hear from your friends and family and the amount of information you get from the internet, it’s tough not to doubt your choices along the journey of motherhood.

But you really don’t have to feel guilty because regardless what people say, you are the mom and you know what’s best for your child. Here are the most common mom decisions you probably had made (or you will have to make) and why you should not be guilty about them.

1. Breastmilk or Formula Milk
After giving birth, you’ll be encouraged by your doctor and perhaps everyone around you to breastfeed your baby until his sixth month, but you have probably read somewhere that it’s easier said than done. Some moms can effortlessly produce breast milk, but there are also others who probably have medical condition that would not allow them to breastfeed or just can’t produce enough milk. Regardless of your option, both breastmilk and formula milk aims to give babies the nutrition they need, so there’s no reason to be ashamed of choosing either.

2. Your Baby Care Products
Keep in mind that a baby’s skin is delicate, and every child may react differently to the same baby products. No need to worry if you are not using the same brand as everyone else or if you want to try a trusted baby care brand that your mom has also used on you when you were little.

3. Your Baby Food Choices
When your child start eating solid food, your family and friends can be quick to judge when you feed your baby with bottled food instead of homemade mashed veggies and fruits. As long as you’re aware of your child’s medical condition and you listen to his doctor, you’re doing it right. Welcome food advices and suggestions, but it’s still up to you to make the final decision according to what’s good for your baby.

4. The Clothes That Your Child Wears
Comfort is key when dressing your child. If your baby can move around comfortably in sleeveless top and shorts, then let it be his go-to outfit. Also, whether you opt for disposable diapers or washable ones should not be dictated by other people. It all should depend on what is best for your baby, and you are the only one (along with his doctor) who can decide on that.

All mothers only want what’s best for their babies, and each mom has their own way of taking care of their little one. Take it easy on yourself, but when you feel that inevitable guilt, simply remind yourself that you are feeling it because you are an amazing mom who loves her kids.

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