5 Botox Alternatives

How do you keep aging at bay? The simplest and most common answers would be to wear sunscreen daily, drink several liters of water each day, and stick to a strong skin care regimen. You’ve probably read tons of good advice like these from magazines or the Internet.


However, these tips can only assist in slowing down the aging process. As time passes, you’ll be able to spot the signs of aging on your skin regardless of how much you take care of your overall health.

Once the formation of wrinkles and lines become apparent, many turn to Botox or other wrinkle fillers to eliminate these skin imperfections and turn your skin back to its previous youth. Nonetheless, there are still people who are too afraid to try something as extreme as Botox and want to take a gentler approach. If you are one of these hesitant people, then this list of anti-aging Botox alternatives is perfect for you.



As beauty enthusiasts like to say, you can never get too many facials. It’s not just about taking care of your skin but also about the relaxation and sense of calm facials give you. If you’re noticing skin imperfections showing on your face, visit your nearest and most trusted facial center in order to determine what these blemishes are and how to correct them. For every skin problem you are experiencing, rest assured there’s a facial suited to treat it.



Retinol is a skin care ingredient that helps with almost all skin issues: uneven skin tone, acne, wrinkles, and even sun spots. This powerful ingredient, in its purest form, could only be administered and prescribed by a dermatologist. However, there are lot of skin care products in the market that has retinol as its main ingredient. Using retinol in your daily skin care is no easy task though. You may experience a couple of side effects like peeling and redness.



Cosmetic acupuncture are now a thing! Being stressed out because of our busy lifestyle may result to negative effects on the skin. During these days when your skin goes bad, book an appointment for a cosmetic acupuncture. When needles are inserted into certain pressure points on your face, proper blood circulation rejuvenates and improves your skin condition. Cosmetic acupuncture is virtually painless and a more natural approach to skin care.


Facial Massages

A simple DIY anti-aging trick, doing facial massages, is both convenient and effective. It serves as an exercise for the skin. These facial massages improve blood flow in the skin and tones muscles. It brightens your complexion and keeps the skin taught. A simple facial massage for several minutes can bring about instant visible results that reduces signs of fatigue and puffiness.


Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in the skin and serves as a sponge, capable of holding water up to 1000 times its own weight. It’s a major hydrating ingredient that locks in moisture in the skin. As we get older, however, the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin significantly drops. Hyaluronic acid helps in tissue repair, intensive hydration and skin elasticity.


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