5 Foods to Get You in the Mood for Sleep

After a long and tiring day, all you want is to jump on your bed, cover yourself in sheets and reach slumber land. No matter how most of us crave this, some people just can’t get there. A variety of reasons come into play, some have difficulty falling asleep while others cannot remain asleep. Whatever the reasons are, we know for a fact that sleep deprivation can cause many chronic health issues and create impact in our day-to-day activities—-an insidious killer.

In an article published from straitstimes.com, more than 40% do not get adequate sleep during weekdays. While this sounds quite alarming, Tokyo is considered the world’s most sleep-deprived city where residents get an average of 5 hours and 44 minutes of sleep according to an article released by CNBC.com.

Here is the good part: Adding Tryptophan-rich foods and whole-grain carbohydrates in your diet may help you get that good night sleep!

Tryptophan is an amino acid that relaxes the brain and brings calming effects. Whole-grain carbohydrates on the other hand, boost the production of melatonin and serotonin (hormones responsible for your sleep) that can put you in a snooze state.

Get these foods and take off to dreamland:

1. Salmon or Tuna Fish
These kinds of fish and mostly others produce a vitamin called B6 which is also responsible in the creation of Melatonin (a hormone that induces sleep).

2. Oatmeal with Milk and Bananas
Oats are rich in Melatonin and if you want to fire up the sleeping-effect of oatmeal, mix it with milk and bananas. These ingredients are also known to have calming magnesium properties that can induce drowsiness. If a banana is not your favorite, you can switch it with Cherries which are also rich in Melatonin.

3. Prunes
Dried plums contain vitamin B6 (melatonin production), magnesium and calcium. You can use prunes on a trail mix or eat them as it is for about 30 minutes before your bedtime.

4. Chamomile Tea
Chamomile tea has a reputation that promote snooze. Flavonoid and Chrysin are responsible for its sleep inducing properties and nerve-calming power. Take about a cup of hot Chamomile tea 30 minutes before bed, if you have stomach cramps, this can be of great help too!

5. Dark Chocolate
A study conducted by the University of Edinburgh revealed that dark chocolate contains Magnesium, an important nutrient responsible for a better sleep. This helps cells to manage the body’s internal clock that manage various bodily functions like sleeping and temperature.

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