5 Odd Remedies for Your Sunburned Skin

Regardless of how religiously we apply and reapply our SPF, sunburns still happen to the best of us. When this happens, we immediately turn to some of the tried-and-tested remedies of a sunburned skin such as aloe Vera and ice soaks. What we don’t know though, is that other than these known treatments, there are still other cures that can help us in dealing with our sunburn problems. The following cures may seem quite odd, but they surely will soothe that prickly feeling brought by your sunburned skin.


  1. Tomato Juice. Other than being good for your heart, tomatoes are also excellent for alleviating the redness and inflammation in your skin. Eating this lycopene-rich fruit helps in improving your skin’s ability to protect itself from the UV rays, allowing your body to develop some form of defence against the harmful rays of the sun. However, this doesn’t mean that you should already skip オンライン カジノ on applying your sunscreen every time you head out.
  1. Potatoes. While they may be one of the most innocuous vegetable, the starchy compound in your good ol’ potato can actually aid in easing the stingy feeling of a sunburned skin. Just cut a raw, refrigerated potato into thin slices and gently rub them in the sunburned area.


  1. Baking Soda. This odd cure works by helping your skin regain its pH levels, and in balancing its acid and alkaline levels to make your sunburn experience a bit more comfortable. Just keep in mind though, that baking soda can be harsh to the skin, so just limit your baking soda bath to 15 minutes max.
  1. Plain Yogurt. Not only is the probiotics found in yogurt good for your digestion, it’s also great for restoring the natural barrier of your skin, reinforcing a healthy pH level and neutralizing the sting of your burnt skin. Greek yogurt would be your best choice, since it’s richer in probiotics but any formulation would still do so long as it’s not sweetened.
  1. Apple Cider Vinegar. This may not come as a surprise already as apple cider vinegar has already been known as a panacea for a variety of health and skin ailments. Just soak a clean towel in a 1:1 dilution ratio of cold water and apple cider vinegar, then press it onto the sunburned area to get an instant soothing and pH-balancing effect.

Surely, nobody wants to experience that stingy feeling brought by sunburned skin but with these natural remedies, you can now easily say goodbye to that irritating and painful feeling.


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