6 Beauty Products You Should Never Ever Share

While we were taught that sharing is caring and loving, being selfish is actually the best thing you can do when it comes to your beauty stash. So unless you want to swap herpes or catch a staph infection from your best friend, be sure to keep these six beauty products to yourself and yourself alone.


  1. Every time you use your tweezers to pluck out some unwanted hair from your skin, you also dram out some microscopic amount of blood, making you more prone to catch bacteria and infection. So if you’re going to have your brows tweezed in a salon, don’t forget to ask your aesthetician to disinfect the tools that she’ll be using. If you’re going to perform a DIY tweezing, make sure that you wipes your tweezers with alcohol before and after every use.
  1. Similar with tweezers, razors also draw out blood and fluids from our body, which means bacteria can still be left on them even after washing. Using infected razors can result to staph infection, hepatitis and even HIV, so ensure that you always use new and clean razors.
  1. Lotions and Creams. Dipping and re-dipping your hands into your creams and lotions is what causes bacteria build up in the product, especially now that the airtight packaging is already broken. So regardless how much your friend disinfects her hand before she dips it into your pot of moisturizer, dipping new set of hands onto your product will only increase the number of the bacteria present.


  1. Lip Gloss and Lipsticks. Our mouth is one the sensitive areas in our body that’s prone to get infections, and sharing lip gloss wands will only increase your chances of getting herpes and cold sores. These wands sit in moist and close environments, so it’s almost impossible to stop the germs from multiplying once the product is contaminated. So, skip on sharing your lip gloss with your friend to save both of you from all the hassle of seeing a doctor.
  1. Mascara. Just think of it this way, products that have close contact with bodily fluids should never ever be shared. Regardless if your friend or relative doesn’t have any eye infection, there’s still a chance that she may be carrying some bacteria that may give your conjunctivitis, pinkeye and even herpes.
  1. Makeup Brushes. Brushes are one of the most commonly shared beauty products, and you shouldn’t be part of the female population who lends their makeup brushes. These products are often damp with products, making them an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. So save yourself from getting breakouts or skin infections by keeping your brushes all to yourself.

It’s really good to share the things that you have, but there are still limits on the things that you should share and this includes your beauty products. While it may sound selfish, would you rather suffer from infections just to share your makeup stash? I guess you wouldn’t.


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