8 Haircare Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel has been widely known for its cooling and soothing skin care applications, but what’s somewhat lesser known are the benefits that it can give

to the scalp and hair. Although not that common, some hair care products like conditioners, styling solutions and shampoos contain aloe Vera gel and other

by-products of the said plant. Here, we’ve listed down some of the reasons why the plant dubbed as ‘plant of immortality’ can be beneficial for your hair care.


1. It Prevents Dandruff. Aloe Vera is known to have both fungicidal and antibacterial properties that can work wonders when it comes to dandruff prevention. Various fungi and bacteria caused by the excessive sebum production in the scalp is what causes dandruff to appear, which is why using shampoos infused with aloe Vera gel or massaging aloe Vera into the scalp is advised to improve this condition.

Other than that, aloe Vera also contains proteolytic enzyme characteristics that aids in breaking down proteins to exfoliate the scalp and slough away the dead skin cells. Aloe Vera is also natural antipruritic – or capable of relieving itchy scalp – which helps in preventing appearance of dandruff caused by irritation from frequently scratching the scalp.

2. It Conditions the Hair. While it may not look like it, aloe Vera can be a powerful hair conditioner that you can use to nourish your strands from the roots down to the tips. For your scalp, simply combine aloe Vera Singapore with other medicated herbal shampoos to open the pores of your scalp to exfoliate your hair follicles and condition your hair right at the roots.

The aloe vera gel from Singapore is also rich with a chemical composition similar with keratin that allows it to easily penetrate from the shaft down to the tips. Aside from that, the gel’s combination of essential amino acids is what gives the shine and strength that the hair needs.

3. It Maintains Your Dreadlocks. If you already have or if you desire to have dreadlocks, then aloe Vera can be of help in starting and even maintaining your locks. Aloe Vera gel is believed to be a suitable substance to use for dreadlock twisting.

For this very purpose, you can use aloe Vera gel in bottles or you can also extract the gel directly from the aloe leaves. If you decide to go with the latter, however, we suggest that you strain the gel first using a coffee filter to ensure that no pieces of the plant gets intertwined with your locks.

4. It Stimulates Growth of Hair. According to researchers, using aloe Vera to prevent hair loss is traced back to ancient Egypt. In fact, the said plant contains certain enzymes that helps hair growth and eradicates the dead cells in the scalp.

The keratolic action of the aloe Vera is what breaks away the dead cells and sebum in the scalp, thus allowing for more growth of hair. Other than that, the plants alkalizing properties also aids in bringing the hair and scalp’s pH to the desired level, resulting to further promotion of hair growth while helping your strands retain moisture and water.


5. It Soothes Sensitive Scalp. Historically speaking, one of primary usages of aloe Singapore is to reduce inflammation and redness externally and internally. In fact, the plant has long been considered as a form of antiseptic to eliminate bacteria and reduce swelling.

This is what makes aloe Vera a great addition to your ammonia-free haircare products and hair colour since it’ll help in soothing any sensitive scalp. Some of the ingredients that causes this calming effect includes an analgesic anti-inflammatory enzyme, Bradykinin and salicylic acid, a compound that is similar to aspirin, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

6. It Alleviates Dryness and Itchiness. Aloe Vera is known to have anti-pruritic properties that aids in alleviating hair dryness and scalp itchiness. The plants enzymatic properties are what allows it to destroy all the excessive dead cells while conditioning the scalp. Some of the pruritus ailments that aloe can treat include scalp and skin issues like eczema and psoriasis.

Other than that, aloe Vera also helps in reducing redness, itchiness and inflammation of psoriasis in the scap, which is directly good for the hair. One study even showed that more than 75 percent of the patients diagnosed with psoriasis in Singapore who were treated with aloe Vera showed some great improvement in their hair and scalp.

7. It Treats Frizzy and Oily Hair. Treating dry hair is often tricky as it’s often accompanied by undesirable oil build-up. Fortunately, you can now rinse your oily hair causing it to become brittle or dry using the aloe Vera gel. The rinse can also be easily made by most Singapore women. All that’s needed is two parts of lemon juice mixed with one part of aloe Vera juice, and then apply it to the shaft of your hair.

Aside from that, the aloe gel can also be used to fight frizzy hair. The amino acids present in aloe Vera is what promotes hair strength and adds shine to your strands, thereby taming frizzy hair while leaving your locks glossy and silky. Since aloe Vera also aids in locking moisture to keep the hair smooth, it can also work wonders as a natural hair detangler for most Singapore women.

8. It Serves as an Excellent Hair Styling Agent. While it may not look like it, aloe Vera can actually act as an excellent hair styling agent. Simply take a pea-sized amount of aloe gel into your hands, run it through your strands and scrunch up the tips to let it set the way you want to. With this, you’ll finally be able to style your hair without using too much chemical-based products.

Now that you know all the excellent uses of aloe gel, make sure to get your hands on this amazing plant. Not only is it great for styling your strands, it’s also perfect for hydrating, moisturizing and strengthening your hair to bring it to its tip top shape.


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