Alkaline Water Ionizer Purchasing Guide

If you live in an area in Singapore where tap water tends to be more acidic than usual, then it might be a wise idea to purchase an alkaline water ionizer to stabilize the water’s pH level. However, shopping for an alkaline water ioniser machine is no easy task as there are a lot of misinformation involved, as well as a lot of scams. To help keep you from getting tricked by scammers, here are some of the key features you need to check out in a water ionizer, as well as some scams you may very well avoid.

Key Factors to Look Out For

• Water Filters

There are several machines that have dual or single water filter systems. These filters are used to remove any impurities from regular water. A machine with a single filtration system could be a good choice if your water is already relatively pure, while a unit with a double filter system would be ideal if the water quality is really bad. The filter’s cost of replacement and longevity of use are the other factors to consider, since it could impact the money and time it would take to maintain your alkaline water ionizer.

• Plates

Aside from the filtration system, the machine’s plates are also one of the key features you should closely look out for. There are three types of plates that are often used in water ionizers, namely the mesh, slotted and flat and solid plates. Solid and flat plates are more durable and easier to clean, while the slotted and mesh plates are lighter-weight and cheaper. The only problem with these types of plates is that they will not provide with lasting benefits of alkaline water. Opting for the solid plates, on the other hand, may increase the life of your chosen filtration system.

Also, note that the more plates you have in your machine, the more powerful your alkaline water ionizer also becomes. You could use up to seven plates to fully optimize its water production and filtration power.

• ORP or pH Range

A quality water ionizing machine is capable of providing both acidic and alkalized water, while producing a relatively high negative oxygen reduction potential (ORP) value. Alkaline water ideal for drinking typically has a pH level of seven and up. If possible, opt for a water ionizing machine when you get alkaline water in Singapore that allows you to choose your pH value based on how you will use the water, such as for cleaning, cooking or drinking.

Other than its pH range, do opt for a machine capable of measuring the water’s ORP. Fluids with a higher negative ORP number are more efficient at reducing free radicals, which causes cell damage and speeds up one’s aging process. With that in mind, ensure that you look for a unit with a pH range of about four to 11 with at least a negative 800 ORP when choosing an alkaline water ioniser machine.

• Company’s Reputation

Surely, you would want to purchase from a company you trust, especially if you are purchasing a product that could help improve your health. Some of the things that you can check to verify if you are dealing with a reputable company in Singapore is the provider’s factory compliance testing, their warranty on products repairs and defects, their product quality certifications, company associations, and their customer service ratings.

• Warranty

When you are searching for an alkaline water ionizer, you will realize that most of them come with lengthy warranties. So if possible, opt for a water ionizing machine that has this type of warranty to ensure that your investment will be protected for a longer period of time. Although this shouldn’t be the only factor that you need to consider, it would be wise to put a huge emphasis on the product’s warranty.

Alkaline Water Ionizer Scams to Avoid

• Paying for More Plates

You will often see machines that are for sale that has nine or 11 plates. You could even pay surplus for these plates, but they may not really do any good. This is why five- or seven-plate models are the most ideal option. A five-plate model can already function effectively, but if you could afford to pay more, then opt for a seven-plate model instead. It will provide you the clean and safe alkaline water that you and your family needs.

• Claims About Titanium and Platinum Poisoning

These scare tactics are often designed to convince you to purchase expensive products that contain medical-grade materials that you don’t really need. Truth is, no platinum and titanium poisoning from water ionizers have been reported, which makes this statement a complete nonsense.

• Use of “Safe” Containers

Some alkaline water ionizer companies claim that their products are safer just because they are made with “FDA-approved” containers. But the truth is, all water filtration systems are made with FDA-approved materials. Also, even with an FDA approval, chemicals such as BPA that usually comes from plastic may contaminate the water. So instead of opting for an FDA-approved container, choose a machine made of BPA-free plastic.

• Dump and Run Water Ionizing Companies

One of all too the common scams in the water filtration industry is companies purchasing low quality water ionizers, putting their names on it, and then selling it to you at a huge mark-up. These companies usually undercut established brands in terms of price, sell several low quality filtration systems, and when a customer complains they just close their shop and disappear. To keep yourself from falling in this kind of trick, ensure that you only purchase your alkaline water ionizer from established companies Singapore.

Knowing what key features to look out for in an alkaline water ionizer – along with the scams you need to avoid – is one of the best way of ensuring that you purchased the right water filtration system. So be sure to keep these things in mind so you could make the most out of your investment.

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