Alternative Choices for your Chinese New Year Meals  


It’s a common occurrence to see your favorite Chinese restaurants fully booked days before the Chinese New Year celebration. Fret not, your planned family reunion meal is not going to be a disaster. Spend quality time with family while indulging in some succulent dishes offered by some of these substitute restaurants for a warm and festive Lunar New Year celebration.


For families planning to go all out…

Family gatherings during Chinese New Year are big because of the inclusion of your extended family. For families planning a big New Year bash, the Halia located at Singapore Botanic Gardens is an outstanding option.

This great dining establishment offers a buffet meal that includes a combination of hot and cold dishes like striploin beef and Norwegian salmon. They also serve delectable desserts and sweets such as aple crumble, and chocolate tartlet.

Part of their package is a serving of the yu sheng dish, an important dish during the Lunar New Year because it is said to bring about prosperity and good health.


For at home dining…

Going out during the New Year buzz too much of a hassle? Get your meals delivered in your home for a more convenient way of providing meals for the celebration. Steamboat delivery services are popular during these times because of the quick and efficient service.

The Happypot Steamboat also offers the purchase of other steamboat accessories. Some of the available products are kitchen knives, portable gas stoves, and gas canisters.


For the perfect barbeque party…

For laidback families who prefer a fuss-free celebration, treat yourself and your loved ones to an outdoor barbeque. EZBBQ is a halal-certified food delivery service that showcases all the necessary food staples for a Singaporean barbeque.

Seafood for grilling, satay and otak otak are just some of these barbeque staples needed for the full experience.


For seafood and sashimi-loving families…

Maguro-Donya Miura-Misaki-Kou Sushi & Dining is a crowd favorite for people who love raw fish and seafood. Besides its menu during regular days, they also serve their version of yu sheng, with salmon, roe, maguro tuna and plum sauce.

The establishment only offers the freshest catch straight from its own fishing fleet, directly flown to Singapore and to your plate.


For family aficionados…

Carne & Caipirinha Brazilian Churrascaria serves Brazilian style grilled meats in charcoal. Meat options range from beef to fish, with over 15 types available.

The establishment has an annual lo hei tossing and serves their own Brazilian style Lo Hei, complete with roast beef, parmesan cheese, vegetables and chimichurri sauce.


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