BBQ Safety Tips

There’s no better way to celebrate a summer event than to host a bbq party, especially to countries like Singapore. Singapore is a tropical country where summer can be at its best, perfect for hosting a bbq cookout with family and friends. But did you know that hot seasons can also be the perfect time for food borne diseases? So, before you go planning for a bbq catering party, know these safety precautions first to ensure a perfectly healthy outdoor satay event.

1. Personal Hygiene
Before you start with the cooking, some BBQ safety tips is to be sure to wash your hands first. Most food health problems are caused by people involved in cooking who refuse the habit of washing their hands. Raw foods and meats are good dwelling places of surface bacteria. By touching these uncooked meats and then touching ready-to-serve foods, you will be transporting potentially infectious bacteria.

2. Buying the Food
When you go shopping, make sure to check the BBQ in Singapore meat thoroughly. Especially when you go for a bbq wholesale, take time in checking the meats to make sure that the meats are in top shape. Bbq wholesale is in volumes so you really have to check on the meat so as not to waste your money. It is highly recommended to go to certified bbq wholesale stores to ensure best quality meats at a reasonable price.

3. Storing the Food
After shopping, immediately refrigerate chilled foods. As long as you keep the meats cold and frozen, there’s no way for surface bacteria to reproduce; these are some BBQ safety tips to consider. It is also advisable to keep your refrigerator well-organized so you won’t have to pull everything out whenever you need something. Put raw meats first before putting in the ready to eat foods. Lastly, keep your fridge’s temperature at 5 degrees centigrade or below.

4. Thorough Cooking Is Important
One of the problems of bbq food safety is that of underdone food. It has been mentioned that raw food contains colonies of bacteria that can be harmful for the health. Therefore, it is highly important to thoroughly cook any bbq food to ensure complete removal of harmful microorganisms.

5. Serving the Food
Keep cold foods cold and hot foods hot. Serve cold foods on ice beds to maintain its low temperature. Bbq foods should stay on the grill until it’s time to be served. If you will have to serve perishable foods, do not sit it out longer than 1 hour in hot temperature. Also, it is best if the food will be eaten immediately to avoid the build-up of bacteria and germs.

Bbq catering shouldn’t be difficult. This event should be a fun gathering in a relaxing and peaceful ambiance. By following these basic bbq safety tips, you will surely have a smooth bbq catering experience in your own cookout bbq party.

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