Christmas on Orchard Road

Orchard Road is a familiar sight to us all and hey, it’s still Christmas until December is over right? Now who would have expected that a very urban, modern, uptight, and structured Orchard Road would turn around into something our imagination wouldn’t even have pictured at all. Well, our imagination is a wonderful and powerful tool and when we put it to good use, who knows what amazing pictures we could paint. This is what Orchard Road has done. With a collaboration of brilliant and passionate minds coming together to make sure the Christmas celebration is authentic and enjoyable.

As the most busiest shopping streets around, Orchard road is also a great way to celebrate Christmas if you are into buying presents or maybe just treating yourself for being able to survive the year. Decor hanging from every post, every shop, every store themed with Christmas. Orchard Road is just a wonderful place to be during the holidays.

Now, what exactly will you be experiencing? Well, imagine walking down a street filled with lights and decorations from head to toe with the vibrant colors of Christmas and the sweet sound of cheers and laughter as our hearts grow joyful. Imagine that sight of children playing around with smiles oh so sweet carrying their presents and smiling at mommy and daddy. This joyful sight goes on for about one and a half kilometer from west to east.

Now what would Christmas be without a Christmas tree? The Christmas tree is the single most accurate representation of a perfect Christmas. So many memories, so many smiles, so many experiences, and so many blessings have been experienced around a Christmas tree. It is only fair that Orchard Road pays respect to this Christmas tradition by having the biggest Christmas tree in Singapore! Orchard Road wears it’s pride around it’s sleeves as it does not only boast but also invites people all over to gaze their eyes upon the glorious Christmas tree! Orchard Road claims to have the best decorated Christmas tree in Singapore and although we would love to agree, you’ll have to be the judge of that yourselves.

There isn’t a question as to who you are spending your Christmas with. I mean, come on, it is the season of love and giving, it’s already pretty clear who you are spending your Christmas with. A harder question to ask yourself is where would you like to spend your Christmas? Well, hopefully after reading this article, you wouldn’t think twice and head over to Orchard Road. Experience the best Christmas ever on the streets of Orchard Road.