The Ill Effects of Bad Bosses to Employees


Singaporeans are hard working. In order to live, you have to work eight hours a day for five days every week. You have to deal with manual labour unless you own the company. If you are the boss or the owner, you just delegate and expect results at the end of the day because you are paying employees after all.


Bosses simply want result so it is not surprising that some of them are difficult, tough and demanding. But bosses should know the side of the employees if they want business continuity. Bosses should know that the most important asset they have is their pool of employees. You can either be a positive influence or a pain in the pass.

If you are the employee, you can only hope and pray that your boss is an inspiration and not a pain in the ass. A study actually revealed that bad bosses can make their employees sick. Quartz published that bad bosses can be as damaging as passive smoking. Quartz got its data from the American Psychology Association. It revealed that 75% of American employees consider their bosses as the major cause of stress in the workplace.

In fact, the article said that the longer you stay in a particular job with a bad boss, you are only damaging your mental and physical health. However, 59% of American employees who considered their bosses the major cause of stress do not consider resigning. These employees do their best to get used to that their roles in spite of the unhappiness. As a result of the unhappiness, they are no longer inspired to look for healthier working environment that can improve their working situation.


There is also another research conducted by the Stanford University and Harvard Business School saying that bad bosses are worse than any cigarettes in the world. Apart from that, bad bosses can also put the employee at risk of illnesses.

At the end of the day, having problems with the boss is the common plight of the working class. Your problems with your boss might be a matter of affinity. How will you know if you have a Miranda Priestly inside the office? Bad bosses are considered violent, narcissistic and even aggressive. Given the situation here now, it is not easy to switch jobs at the onset of unhappiness. It is important that you think through before you pass resignation and if you cannot handle your boss, you should by all means let go before it takes a toll on your health.