Eat Healthy by Visiting these 5 Vegetarian Restaurants in Singapore

Going vegetarian in Singapore doesn’t necessarily equate to boring meals filled with nothing but greens and salad. In fact, there are a number of restaurants all across the city-state which takes the vegan game to the next level. Goat cheese tart or a plate of scrumptious gnocchi are only among the many options you can try. Even if you’re not vegan, you will undoubtedly find yourself curious about the meal dishes these restaurants offer!

Thanks to these good vegetarian restaurants in Singapore, creative and good vegan food options are now made easily accessible to almost just anyone.

• VeganBurg
While VeganBurg is all vegan, this place is actually renowned as where all your vegan dreams come true. VeganBurg has about 4 outlets in Singapore which boasts quality burgers — all vegan, of course! This is the reason why the place is almost always crowded every other day. Not only does VeganBurg offer the customers good vegan food but it also comes along with a unique and refreshing dining experience in itself.

• Café Salivation
With a tagline of “Purely vegetarian: Sandwiches, pizza, pasta, salads”, Café Salivation is definitely a go-to for all vegans in Singapore. They offer a rich Western menu complimented with spicy food items, which goes beyond your usual meal choices! The interior décor of the place is also no joke. Customers always find the colorful interior design as refreshing as they enjoy their hearty meals.

• Divine Realm Vegetarian
Divine Realm is a Singapore-based restaurant which is famous for their homemade noodles, a perfect meal to warm you up on cold nights. Aside from their special noodles, they also offer other vegetarian dishes which can definitely delight your palate. Their menu has an impressive selection of almost a hundred dishes to choose from — including dim sum, ramen, and others.

• Komala Vilas Vegetarian Restaurant
One of the earliest vegan food chains in the city-state, Komala Vilas Vegetarian Restaurant has been loved by many Singaporeans from one generation to another. The place serves traditional south Indian meal items and it also offers a rich variety of vegan dishes in the evening. Visiting this restaurant to try their famous Indian Chhola Bhatura dish is considered a must-try for tourists.

• Vegetarian Era
Vegetarian Era is well-known to be one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Singapore. This place was established by none other than Henry Wang, a famous and renowned Singaporean chef. Their meal items embody both good food quality and affordability, which makes it famous among locals and tourists alike. Some of the must-try dishes in Vegetarian Era include Herbal soups, Rawan Rendang, and Hainanese curry rice.


For the Perfect Hairdo – Try Singapore’s Best Salons


Every woman in the universe care about how they look; their body shape, their face, and their hair. She dreams to be loved by people. With that, confidence is built. What matters most to ladies is that the essence of beauty that everyone deserves. With that, they will feel belonged.

Beauty is in the heart of a person. It is found not on the outside, but deep within our heart and soul. Being perfectly beautiful in the outside is nothing if you always brag about what you have. Arrogance, boastfulness, and insult will lead a person to ugliness in totality.
chez vous salon

It is in the nature of women to keep themselves pretty by fixing their hair, facial touch-up, or even work-out to keep the shape sexy and fit. That is how they boost their personality and build confidence to sit, stand, walk, project, and act in a way others will cherish and love them.

Of course, what adds a woman’s beauty is hair. Hair is the woman’s crowning glory. Who wants not to have it? Mind you, everyone dreams of a perfect hair. But how can we achieve it? Here are some hair salons in the country you should check out:

Toni and Guy Hairdressing

A tough job it is, to look for a hairstylist that would make you even more beautiful. Toni & Guy, a brand from England, has experienced hairstylists who keep the generation of hair trending. This is the good choice of Western faces who want to look like an Asian woman.

Kimage Hair Studio

At a very affordable price, Kimage will transform your entire beauty into a more sophisticated one. Hairdressers in Kimage are skilful enough for just $70. Surely, the styles will suit your face features and lifestyle.


Salon Vim

When it comes to hair color, Salon Vim fits your color expectations. They satisfy customers by turning black to magically blonde. Salon Vim started the trend of the treating hair with Mythic oil, a kind of deeply-nourishing oil.

Zinc Korean Hair Salon

Asian beauty also includes Korean style. The Zinc team is best in permed hairstyle. If you dream to look like a elegant and romantic Korean movie star, here’s for you. A long trip to Korea is not the key, it’s found in Singapore. With more than 20 years of experience, Rany, Nicky and Rena will bring you to Korea.

Changing your hair isn’t about changing your entire personality. This is just a chance for you to look new. Walk in the world of beauty, ladies!



Alternative Choices for your Chinese New Year Meals  


It’s a common occurrence to see your favorite Chinese restaurants fully booked days before the Chinese New Year celebration. Fret not, your planned family reunion meal is not going to be a disaster. Spend quality time with family while indulging in some succulent dishes offered by some of these substitute restaurants for a warm and festive Lunar New Year celebration.


For families planning to go all out…

Family gatherings during Chinese New Year are big because of the inclusion of your extended family. For families planning a big New Year bash, the Halia located at Singapore Botanic Gardens is an outstanding option.

This great dining establishment offers a buffet meal that includes a combination of hot and cold dishes like striploin beef and Norwegian salmon. They also serve delectable desserts and sweets such as aple crumble, and chocolate tartlet.

Part of their package is a serving of the yu sheng dish, an important dish during the Lunar New Year because it is said to bring about prosperity and good health.


For at home dining…

Going out during the New Year buzz too much of a hassle? Get your meals delivered in your home for a more convenient way of providing meals for the celebration. Steamboat delivery services are popular during these times because of the quick and efficient service.

The Happypot Steamboat also offers the purchase of other steamboat accessories. Some of the available products are kitchen knives, portable gas stoves, and gas canisters.


For the perfect barbeque party…

For laidback families who prefer a fuss-free celebration, treat yourself and your loved ones to an outdoor barbeque. EZBBQ is a halal-certified food delivery service that showcases all the necessary food staples for a Singaporean barbeque.

Seafood for grilling, satay and otak otak are just some of these barbeque staples needed for the full experience.


For seafood and sashimi-loving families…

Maguro-Donya Miura-Misaki-Kou Sushi & Dining is a crowd favorite for people who love raw fish and seafood. Besides its menu during regular days, they also serve their version of yu sheng, with salmon, roe, maguro tuna and plum sauce.

The establishment only offers the freshest catch straight from its own fishing fleet, directly flown to Singapore and to your plate.


For family aficionados…

Carne & Caipirinha Brazilian Churrascaria serves Brazilian style grilled meats in charcoal. Meat options range from beef to fish, with over 15 types available.

The establishment has an annual lo hei tossing and serves their own Brazilian style Lo Hei, complete with roast beef, parmesan cheese, vegetables and chimichurri sauce.