Why Breakfast is Important

Some of us are too preoccupied in the morning preparing for work or school to bother with breakfast. For others, a cup of coffee seems enough to last until lunchtime. But eating breakfast is considered by doctors the most important meal of the day.

Your Body Needs to Recharge

The word breakfast means that you’re breaking the fasting period during the night. While you sleep, the body’s processes slow down but you still use up the energy you have stored in the day. Think of breakfast as your body’s way to recharge.

Your Brain Needs It

A whole day at the office demands a lot from our body especially our brains. Most of the energy your body converts is used up by this organ. If it doesn’t have enough glucose levels, you’ll feel like a zombie throughout the day. Don’t be surprised if you find it hard to concentrate and remember things.

It Affects Your Mood

Not only does it affect your performance, but your mood as well. “Hangry” isn’t a myth. When your body lacks fuel, it looks for other sources it could convert to glucose for energy. A mind that can’t focus is more likely to make mistakes and become irritable. You wouldn’t want to ruin the rest of the day by snapping at a persistent co-worker.

Think of Your Weight

Skipping breakfast isn’t gonna make you slimmer. Even if you’re dieting, you’re not supposed to skip meals. Dieting just means cutting down on food, not avoiding meals altogether. Studies show that those who eat breakfast find it a lot easier to manage their weight.

You Need It if You’re Exercising

A cup of coffee or a bowl of cereals isn’t enough for your body to make up for low levels of glucose when you wake up. If you exercise regularly, your body needs fuel to function efficiently. You don’t need to opt for sugary meals because there are alternatives that taste just as good as cereals.

Kids Need it Most

A growing child needs a lot of energy to perform and grow. Proper and timely meals, including a healthy breakfast, will help them focus at school. It’s also a great way to avoid eating too much junk food. Kids can be picky though, so breakfast should consist of different healthy but tasty choices.

Think of Long-Term Effects

You may not feel anything now while you’re in your 20s, but skipping breakfast regularly can lead to obesity, heart diseases, diabetes and hypertension. Why? Well, your body will later want to compensate for the lack of fuel first thing in the morning. You’re more likely to binge-eat during lunchtime and dinner.

A Good Way to Start the Day

Eating meals together with the family will help kids develop good eating habits. Breakfast shouldn’t be different from family dinners. You can start your day better while talking to your parents and siblings. It’s good not just for everyone’s health but it aknenarben entfernen creates a healthy living atmosphere.


Reward Yourself with a Delicious Brunch

After a long week at work, all of us deserve a relaxing and stress-free day during the weekend. We must reward ourselves with even just a day of being lazy, waking up late on a Sunday morning and of course having a hearty and scrumptious brunch. And speaking of brunch, here are 2 must-try brunch places that are sure to get you re-energized for the new week ahead.


Every day is a pancake day!

That is what Little Pancakes promises you. This adorable diner located at 200 Upper Thomson Road, #01-04, Thomson Imperial Court, serves one of the most loved, staple brunch items ever created: pancakes. Whether you prefer your pancakes sweet or savoury, they have it for you. For your sweet tooth, you could try their Going Nutella for You pancakes and for something savoury, you shouldn’t miss their Ham and Cheesy variant.


Do you want coffee with your pie?

Pies & Coffee is a great brunch restaurant that specializes in baking several varieties of pies, from delicious, hearty pies such as their Chicken Cheddar Pie to their dessert pies like Chocolate Pecan Pie. This restaurant is a definite must-try because they have such a delicious range of menu items extending from their specialty pies and coffee.


Even better is that all their creations are lovely to look at, reasonably priced, and guaranteed fresh and homemade. And before we forget about the coffee part, their cuppas are made using Woolloomooloo blend of coffee beans and roasted by Toby’s Estate. For your next brunch date this weekend, spend it at any of their outlets including one in Rochester Mall.


Fat Busting Foods

Diet plans or regimes are prevalent in the market these days. Famous celebrities are revealing their diet plans or regimes to the public. But sometimes, their diet plans or regimes are very costly and unavailable in many areas. With that, ordinary people are having troubles following their lead. If you want to be slim but diet plans or regimes are far beyond your reach, you have to think of other ways to achieve your ideal body.


If you are thinking about crash diet, you should know that it is not best for your body. Starving yourself is not healthy. If you are considering low-calorie diet, it can slow your metabolism which can affect your physical activities. If you want to achieve a slim body the healthy way, you should consider the following tips:

Do not rush

There are people who consider fasting diets. While fasting diets guarantee you will lose weight, the fact remains that it is not long term. If you want to lose weight, choose something that does not restrict your eating and your ability to exercise.

Set your goals

Slimming or getting thinner is not easy. If you want to succeed, it is important that you set your foundation first. In this case, you have to set your goals – long term goals. You have to make sure that you do it no matter the obstacles and the challenges.

Burn fat

You can eat more but still lose fat. This magic can happen with the right training and the right food. For your training, you should do cardio and resistance. For the food, you can begin to eat lean proteins (like poultry, fish and beef).


Enjoy the process

You can endure everything if you enjoy the process. If you hate running, you can consider other exercises the important thing here is you burn as many calories as you can. You can join a group exercise with friends so you will have fun. If you are busy, you should consider high intensity and low intensity training.

Add weights

If you are really serious about losing your weight, it is best to add weights in the process. During your free time or right after you wake up, you can do push-ups and squats for at least 15 to 20 minutes. You do not need equipments for this.

You do not need complex diet plans and exercise to achieve your ideal body. Diet plans and personal trainers are very expensive for an ordinary folk. If you do not want to shed money for this, you can do simple things. The effects will still be the same. Good luck on this!