Safety Guidelines for Public Events

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) is reminding all organizers of events to comply with the regulations and guidelines set by government agencies. Organizers should comply with the guidelines and regulations to avoid unfortunate events. Here are the general guidelines for event planning:


Initial planning – Organizers should make a checklist so that nothing is left out. In the initial planning, the organizers need to take care of the permits, licenses and regulations, insurance, risk assessment, risk management and planning.

Communication – For the communication, the checklist should include signage, communicating with the staff, communicating with the crowd and other issues.

Setting – For the setting, the organizers need to check surrounding area and possible environmental hazards that may come with the chosen location.


Staffing – Organizers need to search for competent staffs that can help them with everything. The checklist should include assessment of needed staff members and the appropriate training them.

Crowd Management – When the event starts, the organizers need to manage the crowd. You should include anticipating crowd, entrance, exit, parking, monitoring and dispersal in the checklist.

Emergency – Organizers need to think about emergency services. The checklist should include security and law enforcement around, evacuation, responding to emergency, standby emergency team and many more.


Reducing Alcohol – If the event includes alcohol, organizers need to make sure that the impact of alcohol is reduced. The checklist should include policies, special promotions and licenses.

After the Event – After the event, there are many things that should be considered. Organizes should include in your checklist the cleaning, recording and evaluation.


2014 is a Big Year for Singapore

2014 is a big year for Singapore because of some preparations for next year’s celebrations. It is important that preparations are made so that the events of next year will be flawless. There are many public celebrations noted for next year. Here are some events that you should know and be excited about:


Golden Independence

Singapore got its independence from Britain in 1963. Singapore then joined the Federation of Malaysia but it was rough. Two years later, Singapore decided to part ways with the federation and formed the republic with its leader and pioneer Lee Kuan Yew. Singaporeans celebrate the independence every August 9. In 2015, the republic will celebrate its 50th year as an independent state.


SEA Games Hosting

The 28th SEA (Southeast Asian) Games will be hosted by Singapore. The final date was set. It will be from June 5-16, 2015. There will be 7000 athletes expected to join the games from eleven nations. The games will take place in the remarkable stadium located in Kallang.

Opening of NAG

For patrons of the art, they will be happy to know that the opening of NAG (National Art Gallery) is set in 2015. The art gallery will feature visual arts. NAG is located in Civic District. NAG is born from two buildings – former Supreme Court and the City Hall.


Climbing Expedition to Mount Everest

There is a team preparing for an expedition in Mount Everest. Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. It is located in the Himalayas. The team is preparing to climb the peak of 8, 848 metres.

For sure these celebrations will be massive. Many people are looking forward to it. Time easily flies. Next thing you know it is 2015. Meanwhile, you just need to enjoy 2014 with enthusiasm.


Coping with PWDs

Are you familiar with SG Enable? This is a programme of the government that seeks to help PWDs (Persons with Disabilities) to acquire employment. The government will provide training to ready the PWDs for workforce. This programme will encourage PWDs to continue their life and be hopeful even if they have disabilities.

The government did its part. Now it is your part to understand the PWDs, their needs and the challenges that come with them. If you have a disabled friend or family member, you really need to comprehend on their situation. Here are some things that you need to do for PWDs:


Encourage independence

PWDs know that they lack something but that does not mean that they are invalid or weak. Know that they can still do something and let them do it. There are times that you feel overly protective but that is not good. What’s casino online good is to encourage independence and self reliance so when they are left alone, they can still survive.

Boost self confidence

Most cases, disabled individuals have low self esteem. That is purely understandable but you do not need to stress it or criticize them. You have to boost their self confidence so they can still continue living without seeing what’s lacking. Be careful not to show sympathy though because it will only worsen the situation.


PWDs need support. You may think that this is simple but your time and effort will be appreciated. PWDs need someone to talk to and someone to lean on. You can send them to support groups so they feel they belong and they will know that many people understand what they are going through. You have to talk to them and make them feel that they are still valuable in the society. Do not ignore or neglect them in any way.


For the Third Time Around

Singapore has maintained its position in the WEF (World Economic Forum). Singaporeans are surely delighted with this news – Singapore is the most competitive city in Asia for the third time around. The city state maintained its grip. The indicators include competitiveness, strong performance and concentration on innovation. Coming after Singapore is Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Thailand and Indonesia.


Making Up for Past Decline

This new milestone means something for Singapore and its people, especially with the sluggishness in the economy for the past two years. Globally, Singapore is the second next to Switzerland. The third オンライン カジノ place goes to Finland followed by Germany, United States, Sweden, SAR Hong Kong, Netherlands, Japan and United Kingdom. The Global Competitiveness Report 2013-2014 is based on GCI (Global Competitiveness Index).

Reasons for Ranking on Top

There were about 148 countries which were judged based on the 12 pillars of competitiveness. According to the report, Singapore’s efficiency can be attributed to labour and good market, top-notch infrastructure, concentration on education and inventive private sector among others. The report assessed the competitiveness of the 148 countries. The result provided some insights especially on the drivers of a country’s prosperity and productivity.

The Mission of WEF

To date, the report remains to be the most comprehensive and trusted worldwide assessment when it comes to national competitiveness. WEF lives by their commitment to improve the world state. WEF headquarters are located in Cologny, Switzerland; it has an affiliate in Tokyo, New York and Beijing. It is an independent, non profit organization with members from leading companies. The funding comes from the membership fees, partnership fees and participation fees.


So You Are Travelling?

Whether you have a business or leisure trip to attend to, you need to pack the right things. If you are the type who overly packs, it is time for you to think about minimizing your baggage and pack only what are essential. If you are the type that packs lightly, you should re-evaluate too and make sure you carry all essential items. The lesson here is, you should balance your packing. Here are some helpful packing methods:



There is a right and wrong way to fold. You should not arrange your clothes as you would arrange it in your dresser. It will consume more space and it when compressed, it will crease. The best way is to take two garments then rest half of one pair on top of the other. You should fold the bottom garment first then fold the other on top.


Rolling clothing will save more space. Backpackers will attest to that. There is a right way to roll your clothes. When you roll pants, shirts and skirts, make sure that you rest the item (your pants, shirts and skirts) face down. The sleeves should be folded back before rolling it up from bottom to top.

luggage full and ready to travel


If you will bring delicate items, you will find tissues or paper towels a big help. This item should be positioned face down. Try to get the tissue paper on top of it then fold it up. If you want to protect the garments more, you need to completely wrap it with tissue paper.

Everyone should learn the art of packing. Packing the right things is crucial in the success of your travel. Do not pack overly or lightly. Pack just right. Enjoy your travel!


What You Need To Know About Complementary Alternative Medicine

Many people are in pursuit of CAM (Complementary Alternative Medicine). Defining CAM is not easy because of its broadness. Generally, CAM is comprised of medical and health care methods, ways and services that are not part of conventional medicine. Just so you know conventional medicine is practiced by medical health professionals like Doctors, Physical Therapists, Nurses, etc.


CAM is slowly making its way to the mainstream. But there are others who are questioning the safety and effectiveness of CAM because of its lack of clinical trials. There are risks involved but there are things that you can do to reduce it. You should opt for CAM practitioners with extensive experience in the field. Apart from that, you should be conscious of supplements you are taking as it may react with your current medications causing serious harm. Lastly, don’t forget to mention the CAM you are using to your health care providers.

It is important that you know the different types of CAM. Here’s an overview:


Herbal medicine is not new because ancient civilizations use plants to improve the health condition. Today, herbal medicines オンライン カジノ come in the form of dietary supplements are sold over the counter.

Mind and body

CAM seeks to unite the mind and body. If both are united, optimum health will be achieved. You can consider meditation, yoga, acupuncture, breathing exercises, tai chi, etc.


There are many therapies that you can consider. These therapies can improve your health and well-being. For example, massages.

There is nothing wrong if you choose CAM as long as it is safe. If you are in Singapore, there are CAM centres that you should visit to get help. If you feel any difference, you should pursue CAM but if there is no difference, it is better to consider the conventional medicine and consult your health care provider.