Coolsculpting Before and After Care

Coolsculpting is a non-invasive fat-reduction procedure that utilizes controlled cooling to get rid of stubborn fat that doesn’t seem to melt away with diet and exercise.


Whether considering of getting this procedure or just curious about how one can maximize the outcome of the treatment, here are some care tips to keep in mind before and after having the procedure done.

Before the Procedure

1. Lose Weight First
When it comes to this fat-reduction treatment, those patients with small packets of fat are the most ideal candidates. Therefore, if you want to see significant changes, cosmetic surgeons in Singapore recommend attaining ideal weight through diet and exercise before getting the sculpting procedure. Once you’re there, coolsculpting in Singapore can help you to better define the contours of your body.

2. Check Whether You’re a Good Candidate
Coolsculpting is not considered as a weight loss tool; therefore, as mentioned, you should first be in your ideal weight—or at least close to your ideal weight—before going through the procedure. However, for the treatment to be effective at Singapore’s renowned Astique zeltiq coolsculpting in town, you need to have enough workable packet of fat that can be vacuumed into the applicator, which comes in three sizes. If any of the applicator doesn’t fit, we can’t create suction and the cooling won’t be able to take place.

3. Prepare for Pain (Just in Case)
Although rare, 10 percent of coolsculpting patients in Singapore experience pain after the treatment. You may feel okay hours following the procedure, but you might feel pain that lasts anywhere from a couple of days to weeks. It is always a good idea to secure medicines that will help manage pain that may occur. Take 600mg ibuprofen every eight hours to ease significant pain and talk to your doctor about the issue. Your physician may advice wearing compressive clothing, like Spanx or binders, to ease the pain and limit the movement in the treated area.

4. Bring Something to Keep You Busy
A single body part (e.g. one side of love handle, one side of flank, or lower or upper abdomen) takes an hour to complete. And during the session, you will be simply lying or sitting down, so if you are getting multiple body parts done, it can get very lengthy and you can easily get bored during the treatment. To keep you occupied and remain productive, bring a book, a tablet, or your phone. You can read, answer emails, watch movies or listen to music while the treatment is going on.

After the Procedure

1. Pay Attention to What You Feel
Experiencing minor side effects is normal after undergoing coolsculpting in Singapore. For example, you may experience some swelling, itching, redness, and tingling sensations. But if the side effects hinder you from doing your normal activities, contact your surgeon and report the problem(s) you’re experiencing. Another thing to remember is that the side effects vary on the treated area. According to coolsculpting surgeons, the abdomen is the area that’s most prone to issues like tingling, pain, and numbness. Other body parts like the back and love handles commonly have no side effects.

2. Schedule Follow-Up Appointment
To get best results, get multiple coolsculpting treatments. That way you are able to further the outcome, as well as your doctor will be able to monitor your progress. Just be sure though to space out the treatments evenly to give time for previously treated areas to recover. Patients in Singapore who have had multiple treatments have seen better and faster results.

3. Get Enough Rest
While you can certainly go about your day after completing the treatment, it’s advisable to take the rest of the day off and give yourself some time to rest. If the treated areas still feel sore or uncomfortable the next day, set the day to yourself so you can relax and get back to your normal routine as soon as possible. It’s important not to pressure yourself and limit the movement of the treated areas to give your body some time to heal.


4. Be Patient
Results normally start showing up around the fourth week following the treatment, so don’t fret if results aren’t instantaneous. You will start noticing the difference as early as four weeks, but will achieve the most dramatic change after four months. Be patient and give your body some time to flush the dead cells out of your system.

5. Take Photos
Since results take time to show up, it can be challenging to track the changes. Before going through the procedure, take a photo of the area you will be treating. After the procedure, tyr to take photos every week so you can compare the results overtime and visualize the physical changes taking place.

6. Exercise and Diet
Like any other cosmetic procedures, the longevity of the results depends on how you treat yourself. If you don’t exercise and eat healthily, coolsculpting in Singapore won’t be able to maintain your leaner figure. Make sure to get enough sleep and rest, eat the right kind of food, and workout regularly. Maintaining an active lifestyle and healthy diet are the most important elements to keep yourself looking great all the time.

Other fat-reduction procedures, especially those that require surgery, have the potential to cause negative side effects that need extensive amount of time to heal. Coolsculpting, a non-invasive fat-reduction treatment, targets fat cells by freezing them to the point of their death. This treatment is performed in a totally natural process, causing no harm to the surrounding tissues and to your health.