Guide to a Perfect Date Night with Yourself

In an age where noise comes from all sorts of directions, life turns into a fast lane and the constant act of putting yourself out there to be a social human being, it can be challenging to tone it down for a while and get that super rare alone time. But is there any better feeling than forgetting plans and cancelling appointments? Perhaps, dare to drop everything to have a date night with YOURSELF?

Finding self-time to just be is crucial in building a healthy relationship with yourself because it is also a key in building the same kind with others. You have to fall in love with yourself before you can pass on that love to another person. If you can catch a date night in for yourself, setting the evening according to your interests and idea of comfort is already a luxury, so don’t miss out on your chance.

Here’s how to have an epic “me” date night in:

Set the Mood
Set your living space into an environment you would always love if you were in a perfect world. It does not necessarily mean putting in crystals and the like but it can simply mean overhead lighting, slow music and food everywhere for example. You can employ whatever that makes you feel at home and relaxed as ever.

It is also helpful to do the household chores beforehand to keep off all possible distractions that can kill your vibe.

Get in the Mood
Since your place is ready for you, you also need to reciprocate that by being comfortable in yourself. If you could wear something you always wanted then go ahead and put that thing on! If being comfortable means you wear big baggy shirts and high knee socks, then rock it. Do what makes you feel happy and empowered, after all, it is YOU that matters.

Put Down your Phone
Seriously, lots of studies have shown that technology is slowly destroying the best of us. Sometimes, you got to have faith in science and turn that gadget off.

If you can at least resist form turning on your phone, you would be amazed at how relaxed you can be—no distractions at all. Doing so will also prevent you from spending your whole night posting on social media, stalking and impulsive texting your ex. If you require, hit few people up and let them know you are not free for the evening.

Indulge. Indulge. Indulge!
We all have our own guilty pleasures… so, at least for a night, indulge and stock up on that.

Catching chocolate drippings cascading down from fondue, savoring that thick slice of cheesecake, dancing and screaming old pop rock music… boy, life is too short not to let your freak flag fly.

If rock and roll isn’t your cup of tea, you can just enjoy yourself as you lie on your couch and read a good book about “How to Love Yourself”, perhaps? A book entitled one was featured in Kinokuniya Singapore that suggest “you are worthy of both self-love and love of others”. It might also be a good reinforcement why on earth you should believe to date yourself once in a while.

Keep in mind that tonight is all about you. And if that means doodling the face of your high school crush onto hearts, no judgment.