Education Prohibition: Girlfriend and Boyfriend

Girlfriend and boyfriend are not allowed – You can have friends but you need not to have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Aside that is it very disturbing, it is very expensive to have a girlfriend or boyfriend at a young age.


Also, you are not using your own money to let your loved one eat and use the things you bought, it comes from your parents. Eventually, you will learn that the money you are using is more important than having a partner that only love you when you give the things he/she wants.

  • Don’t own a pet: Like humans, animals also need to eat food. Now, if you know how money works and how you can save it, you need to know the things that you will need every day or simply the things that will kill you when it is not around.


If you reason out that you will die without your pet, it’s only the same way of killing yourself if you decide to live be with your pet. However, if you think your money is enough to sustain you and your pet, there’s no way of stopping you.

  • Always be present in class: You are only called a student if you are sitting in your classroom while listening to your instructor about his lessons. Now, if you go out during class hours, you are only wasting money. Also, you will be throwing the chance of having a better future.
  • Drink plenty of water: Instead of buying soft drinks, you can drink water. Aside for its health benefits, it is also free. Water is everywhere; so, do not give any reason that you cannot find water.