What is A Biometric Access System and Why Do You Need It

A door access control system offers people secure access to certain rooms in a home or office given that they are authorized to enter. This simply means that you can deny unwanted and unauthorized people from going into important rooms of your house or entering a certain area in your work facility. But what else can it really do for us?

Door access systems
A card access door has been common access system for quite a time. But, the risk of losing or getting your card stolen is also still apparent. Similarly, there is a pin access door system which is also a common and simple access system used typically for low security applications. In contrast, the biometric door access system can be very reliable for security because it identifies the person himself and not a card or pin number. These access systems for your office in Singapore usually use a double EM lock and have key cards or keypads but can also employ a thumbprint biometric. There are also ones that have more advanced biometric authentication features which can detect a facial biometric and can track access entry in the room.

An intercom system is an electronic communication device that allows you to send and receive audio or video transmissions. In the present, the use of intercom solution has seen a decline because of smartphones and other advanced communication devices. Nonetheless, it is still practical as a paging system and can also advance door access systems.

For example, if you are inside a secure room and there’s someone knocking on the door- you are suspicious of who it is. If your Singapore office’s access system is installed with an intercom system, you may talk to strangers before opening the door without actually exposing yourself. Of course, it would be helpful to have security cameras (IP camera or an analog camera) by the door, but we’ll talk about that later.

An SIP intercom is another type of system that can typically allow for session set-ups and management through calls and the internet. SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol, and is basically used for starting or ending real-time video, voice, and messaging sessions.

Door access and cameras
Both access and security can be enhanced with the presence of cameras. Probably the most common and is used almost everywhere is the CCTV. Usually, a CCTV wireless camera in Singapore is used to monitor office activities, traffic surveillance, perimeter security, capture video footage of break in, etc. A CCTV, specifically the older version of this security camera, uses an analog camera. Some might find one quite disadvantageous, though, because of the blurry footage. That’s part of the reason why the IP camera has also seen a rise. In simple terms, it is a security camera that provides better image quality and has superior flexibility and reliability compared to analog CCTVs.

An IP CCTV can also send and receive data through computer networks and/or the internet. This way, it is considered great for security when associated with biometric door access systems. An IP CCTV can also be used to register and analyze a facial biometric.

Aside from these biometric systems, you may also opt to implement a time attendance software for your business needs. This is an innovative way for your office in Singapore to auto count employee time at work. A wireless intercom system allows you to manage and automate business processes so even when you’re in remote areas.

Even with the low crime rate in Singapore, it would still be best to have a door access control system. Whether it’s a swipe card, pin code, face or thumbprint biometric, having a good access system can mean a lot. Add to that, a CCTV camera or an IP camera and you’ll be good to go.