How You Might Be Unconsciously Sabotaging Your Career Success


All items on your to-do list have been crossed off, your inbox is empty, and your weekly reports are in your boss’ office a day early. In short, you are the epitome of success. But while your daily work is under control, and it may seem like your career is right on track, you might want to take a closer look. Because, as it turns out, it’s quite easy to commit big mistakes that may derail your chances of achieving a successful career. So learn from the following professional missteps, and ensure that you don’t derail your career by avoiding these mistakes.


  1. Staying in Your Own Department

In a big company, it’s pretty easy to fall into the rhythm of your department. But as you start taking cross-departmental projects, you’ll realize that not actively working outside your team might be detrimental to your career. Because when you’ll need, say, a flyer designed by the marketing team, or a list of leads from the sales department, your progress will surely come to halt since you don’t have any contacts that you can immediately approach.

Think of the future as well. If you spend some time becoming well-known throughout your company, you’ll boost your memorability, which means that when there’s a higher position up for grabs, or when there’s a project in need of a leader, you’ll have a greater chance of getting picked.

  1. Failing to Apply for a Promotion

While the idea of a better title and more money sounds nice, oftentimes, it’s difficult to gather the guts to actually ask for a promotion. However, not taking the chance to apply for a promotion only sabotages your success and sets you up for a stagnant professional life.

Even if the next steps in your career seem far-off, take advantage of the training and professional development courses offered to you while looking for ways to expand your role. Otherwise, when a good opportunity comes up, you may not be ready to take advantage of it.

  1. Talking Yourself on an Internal Move

I’ve been on the lookout for a creative position within my company ever since I started steering my career away from management – and recently, a perfect position came up. But even as I read its job description and knew it was a perfect job for me, I questioned everything about the transition that’ll take place: “How will I tell my boss that I want this position?” and “Am I even qualified for the position?”


Internal moves is really tricky to navigate. But if you spend so much time deliberating whether or not you’ll get the position, then you’ll seriously miss out a great opportunity that’ll propel both your happiness and success.

  1. Declining Big Opportunities

Taking on a big career opportunity is scary, but when you’re offered one, do consider it carefully. Remember that in the end, taking high risks often lead to high rewards. So stop turning down every opportunity that comes your way, and give yourself a better chance to succeed.

  1. Refusing to Ask for a Feedback

In the professional world, getting no news seem like a good news – meaning that if your boss doesn’t give any negative feedback about your work, you must be doing okay, right? The thing is, waiting for your boss to bring up an issue puts you at a greater disadvantage. While you’re doing enough to keep your head above water, you’re not really taking any initiative to excel.

If you constantly ask for feedbacks, on the other hand, you’ll be able to pinpoint areas where you need to improve. You’ll then be able to hone your skills, and take on projects that’ll challenge and turn you to a more equipped professional.

Advancing on your career comes down to getting out of your comfort zone, being proactive, and pushing yourself past any doubt. It won’t be easy, but when you’re not holding yourself back, you’ll discover that you have every opportunity to succeed.

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