12 Health Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera has numerous health benefits, from improving our digestive system down to treating asthma, arthritis and even certain heart diseases. By just including aloe Vera products in your regular nutritional plan, you’ll instantly notice a regenerated body and a more youthful appearance. Other than that, here are the other common healing qualities of aloe Vera gel.


1. Boosts the Immune System

Beverages infused with aloe juice possess detoxifying properties that aids in cleansing the circulatory and digestive system. As the absorption level of the plant’s nutrients accelerates, it results in better blood flow and improved nutritional quality of our cells. These healthy cells then enhance our body’s ability to neutralize harmful bacteria and ward off infections, thus strengthening our immune system.

2. Halts Cancerous Cell Growth

Aloe Vera aids in boosting our immune system, and incorporating it in our daily life might help in effectively destroying cancerous tumours. According to studies, aloe Vera polysaccharides are loaded with macrophages that produce large volumes of nitric oxide, which is believed to have an anti-tumour potential.

There are several cancer prevention methods in naturopathy, and the aloe Vera-based procedure proved to be among the most successful ones. However, some Singapore health experts believe that using aloe Vera alone might not be very effective in treating advanced cases of cancer. Also, before starting any kind of cancer treatments, ensure that you consult a physician or a medical professional first.

3. Heals Radiotherapy Treatment Side Effects

Using radiotherapy treatment is inevitable in most cancer cases. Cancer patients often experience a lot of uncomfortable side effects due to the radiotherapy treatment. But applying aloe Vera gel Singapore to the affected area will instantly soothe and accelerate its healing process.

4. Eases Arthritis Pain

Aloe Vera has long been noted for its anti-inflammatory properties that instantly works on arthritis pain and swelling. Aloe Vera juice is also believed to be extremely effective in calming the inflammation associated with arthritis conditions. In fact, both drinking and applying aloe Vera showed positive results in treating arthritis pain.

5. Relieves Muscle and Joint Pains

Apart from relieving arthritis pain, aloe Vera’s anti-inflammatory properties also work wonders in relieving muscle and joint pains. In fact, consuming or topical application of aloe Vera gel Singapore is already enough to ease joint inflammations. Some studies even reported that people who regularly drink aloe Vera juice for two weeks experienced a significant improvement in their inflammation issues. However, this method only works efficiently when your diet is regulated for the same goals – reduced sugar, milk, red meat and fried food intake.

6. Soothes Symptoms of Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is often mistaken as a disease, when it’s actually just heart burn symptom. Initially, you can consume aloe Vera juice to soothe the symptoms and initiate proper functioning of the organs. However, Singapore health experts advise that you avoid eating fried and processed foods when ingesting aloe Vera extract.


7. Lowers Triglycerides and Cholesterol

When used internally, aloe Vera gel Singapore automatically improves the blood quality and rebalances other blood components such as glucose and cholesterol. Blueberries are also great cholesterol-lowering agents, so you can just imagine how powerful a natural remedy it’ll be if you combine aloe Vera and blueberries. So before reaching out to some pharmaceutical drugs, give this natural remedy a shot first.

8. Cures Gum Disease

Gum and dental diseases are among the health problems that can be cured by aloe Vera. Try out this natural remedy at home by putting some aloe Vera powder on your toothbrush, and doing your normal brushing. The aloe powder will instantly soothe and treat any bruise or infection on your gums. Drinking aloe Vera juice is another way of keeping your gums healthy. Simply gargle the liquid around your mouth before swallowing it. Also, increase your vitamin D intake as soon as you start using the aloe Vera treatment to get your gums back in its tip-top shape.

9. Treats Wounds

Ever since it was discovered hundreds of years ago, aloe Vera has already been considered as a natural healer. If used externally, it’s the best option for wound dressing. The plant’s juice instantly seals the wound by increasing the blood flow to it, thereby enhancing its healing process. You also can buy aloe vera gel to apply on skin from Singapore to relieve the pain. Some studies also proved that aloe vera effectively heals third-degree burns and restores the burnt skin faster. Researchers even found that using large amounts of aloe could heal even tissue tears and gunshot wounds.

10. Improves the Cardiovascular Function

Aside from its healing properties, aloe Vera gel is also capable of accelerating the supply of blood while purifying it at the same time. The purified blood then accelerates the oxygen delivery to the organs, thus maximizing their functionality. Simply put, using aloe extract keeps the blood fresh and loaded with oxygen, thereby improving our organ function.

11. Remedies Skin Ailments

Treating skin ailments is one of the more commonly known health benefits of aloe Vera since ancient times. The gel extracted from the aloe leaf is the best remedy for skin abrasions, as well as aging skin symptoms. In fact, aloe Vera is now known as the most widely-used ingredient for popular skincare and personal care products.

If you have an aloe plant in your home, just tear a small part of the leaf, scoop the gel, and apply it on your face. Drinking aloe Vera juice is also a good option to improve your skin health internally. Apart from improving the appearance of skin, it also helps in treating acne, psoriasis and rashes.

12. Eases Cold Sores

Several studies recently found aloe as an effective treatment for herpes virus or cold sores. When you feel a cold sore coming, simply put a small amount of aloe gel on your fingertips and apply it onto the sore area. Repeat the process as needed to cover the sore in aloe gel.

With aloe Vera’s overwhelming medicinal potential, it’s important to have this herb in the garden or in the pantry. Having this miracle plant around will surely help you solve most of your health problems even without paying a visit to the doctor’s office.



How to Tell If You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

Drinking an adequate amount of water a day is something that we often neglect. Most of us prefer quenching our thirst with soft drinks, milkshakes or juices.

However, we cannot deny that drinking sufficient water is essential for the proper function of our body. When we continually deprive ourselves of water, it starts to take a toll on our health. To check if your body is indeed water-deprived, check the following symptoms listed below.


Dry mouth

This is the most basic and obvious sign of water-deprivation in the body. When you observe that nasty and dry feeling in your mouth, chances are your body is telling you it needs water. Unfortunately, instead of drinking clean water, we reach for sugary drinks or coffee. This is only a temporary solution for the problem. Instead of buying soda or coffee, drink a glass of water. It’s not only healthy, it also saves you a ton of money in the long run. Water lubricates the membranes present in the throat, keeping the mouth moist.


Dry skin

Like we learned in school, the skin is the largest organ in the body. Therefore, it needs proper care and nutrition for it to be healthy and supple. Lack of water in the body can manifest itself physically: the skin ends up dry and flaky. Dry skin is usually one of the basic signs a person is suffering from dehydration. When there is shortage of water in the body, the production of sweat is compromised. This leads to the body’s failure to flush away excess oil and dirt in the skin.


Dry eyes

Failure to drink sufficient amounts of water does not only show in the mouth and the throat. Other organs, especially those that need moisture to function properly, eventually will show signs of dryness. Bloodshot and dry eyes are a common occurrence during hangovers. This is normal considering drinking too much alcohol dehydrates the body. Dry eyes will eventually cause other eye ailments like sore eyes and irritation.


Being overly thirsty

When we feel extreme thirst, this is the body’s way of telling us it is in dire need of water. This is why you shouldn’t wait until you’re thirsty before gulping down water. If drinking a full glass at one is hard for you, take several sips at different times until you’ve finished the whole glass.


Joint pains

The cartilage that connects our joints and makes it function properly are made up of 80 percent water. To keep the bones from grinding against one another, a person should drink enough water daily. A properly hydrated joints help absorb the shock from injuries and sudden movements.


Longer recovery period from sickness

Drinking water washes away the toxins in the body. Water acts as fuel for the organs to be able to function at its best. If the body is dehydrated, its organs have no choice but to pull water from other areas like the blood, to operate well.


Feeling of fatigue and lethargy

As mentioned above, when the body lacks water, it starts to pull water from the blood. Now, your blood is also dehydrated, causing a shortage of oxygen in your body. Lack of oxygen will result to feelings of tiredness and fatigue.