Picking the Right Paint Finish

Apart from water- and oil-based classification, paints are also categorized based on their function (e.g. finishing paints, sealants, primers, binders, etc.). Another categorization is according to the type of color pigment used, such as titanium, lead, and zinc. But according to painting services contractor in Singapore, the most essential classification is the one that states the paint’s type of finish.

After the paint is applied to the surface, the light reflects to it in certain ways according to the paint’s type of finish. However, if the paint from colourview quality painting services is applied with a special technique (e.g. faux painting), the light will reflect in a completely different manner. But generally, the finish depends on the variety of paint used.

Some paint finishes are more suitable to certain areas of the house. This is because every finish has unique properties that distinct it from the others. Some of these finish options are:


1. Glossy

Typically, there are two choices of glossy paint finishes available in most hardware, high-gloss and semi-gloss. Semi-gloss is a very bright finish with smooth, even surface and can actually take a lot of abuse without looking dull and worn-out. This finish is a popular choice for doors, baseboards, and walls of small rooms like Singapore bathrooms and kitchens. Semi-gloss paint is very easy to maintain, can withstand serious scrubbing, and resist humidity and moisture.

High gloss finish also possesses many of these same qualities, but even more reflective and durable. Most Singapore painting services professionals don’t recommend using this finish on major walls of the house as the effect can be very intense.

2. Matte

Matte finish has slightly the same texture and reflective ability with flat finish. However, matte type paints vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some Singapore paint manufacturers produce a matte finish with a bit more sheen than flat paint type. Also, it has a rough finish that’s considered to be comfortable and warm. It’s non-slippery; therefore, stains can’t be washed off easily. For this reason, matte finishes are not recommended by house painting professionals to be applied on walls in rooms where there are high traffic and have frequent visitors.


3. Flat Enamel

If you wish to achieve the look of a matte finish in your Singapore home painting, ask your painting services contractor about the right brand of flat-enamel paint. This type of finish has the same physical qualities of a matte paint, but more washable. However, keep in mind that enamel finishes have extremely strong chemicals that can exude strong odor for days up to a week.

4. Eggshell

The next paint finish that resembles the reflective property of a matte paint is the eggshell finish. Depending on the manufacturer, an eggshell type of paint has either the same amount of sheen as satin or matte finish. But generally, the glossiness of an eggshell paint is close to that of a real egg shell. As expected, this type of paint is much easier to clean than matte as it is slightly glossy.

5. Satin Finish

Satin type finish exudes sufficient amount of gloss to softly reflect light in the room and give the walls slight glow. However, remember that it will still highlight flaws on the wall because it easily catches light; therefore, cracks and dents should be fixed beforehand before application of paint. Painting services contractors would recommend satin finish in areas with frequent visitors and higher amount of traffic since it’s fairly durable and washable.


So You Are Travelling?

Whether you have a business or leisure trip to attend to, you need to pack the right things. If you are the type who overly packs, it is time for you to think about minimizing your baggage and pack only what are essential. If you are the type that packs lightly, you should re-evaluate too and make sure you carry all essential items. The lesson here is, you should balance your packing. Here are some helpful packing methods:



There is a right and wrong way to fold. You should not arrange your clothes as you would arrange it in your dresser. It will consume more space and it when compressed, it will crease. The best way is to take two garments then rest half of one pair on top of the other. You should fold the bottom garment first then fold the other on top.


Rolling clothing will save more space. Backpackers will attest to that. There is a right way to roll your clothes. When you roll pants, shirts and skirts, make sure that you rest the item (your pants, shirts and skirts) face down. The sleeves should be folded back before rolling it up from bottom to top.

luggage full and ready to travel


If you will bring delicate items, you will find tissues or paper towels a big help. This item should be positioned face down. Try to get the tissue paper on top of it then fold it up. If you want to protect the garments more, you need to completely wrap it with tissue paper.

Everyone should learn the art of packing. Packing the right things is crucial in the success of your travel. Do not pack overly or lightly. Pack just right. Enjoy your travel!


Taking Care of Your Wedding Jewellery

We don’t want our engagement ring and wedding ring to get dirty or lost as these things are significant to us and full of memories.


With the basics on how to take care of wedding bands, you can be sure that your rings can last for a lifetime—just like marriage and love. Here are some practical facts on taking care of your jewelleries.

Tip #1: Use a jewellery box with separate sections

To keep your proposal ring from Ling customised wedding bands in Singapore in good condition, make sure that it doesn’t come in contact with your other jewelleries as this can cause unwanted scratches to your ring. You can also wrap your wedding ring and other jewelleries in fine fabric if your storage box has no individual compartments. Jewellery boxes with separate sections are available in Singapore malls and shopping centres.

Tip #2: Take it off when doing particular activities

These include doing house cleaning chores such as gardening and painting, or doing a task wherein there is a great risk of getting your engagement ring dirty. It’s better to take it off and keep it for a while in a secured place than to have stubborn dirt and stains on it. Just don’t forget to where you have placed it.


Tip #3: Remove when swimming

Chlorine which is greatly present in swimming pools in Singapore resorts and hotels can damage wedding bands. Gemstones may also get loose and fall out from their settings. Make sure to bring with you a small jewellery box where you can place your wedding ring.

Tip #4: Store your jewellery in room temperature

Do not place your customized Singapore wedding bands close to a heating system, window sill, and even on the dashboard of your vehicle. Coloured gemstones may fade when they are directed to heat and sunlight.


Tip #5: Clean wedding bands regularly

Make sure that you clean your proposal ring and wedding ring from time to time in order to avoid tarnishes.

In cleaning gold rings, you only need a cleaning solution of washing powder (with no whitening or bleaching effect) and a few drops of ammonia. For silver jewelleries, use a washing powder with no chlorine and active oxygen. You can also add a few drops of ammonia if you like.

Moreover, if you notice dark spots, you can rub them off using a flannel and hyposulphite solution (one tablespoon of hyposulphite per glass of water). For dusts, you can get rid of them using a cotton bud that has been soaked in glycerine. Then with a flannel, you can polish your wedding ring after removing the dusts.


Famous Spas in Singapore

Spas are more than pampering yourself but it also includes health benefits. Spas are popular these days. When you speak of spa, it refers to water treatments. There are many types of spa to include day spa, dental spa, medical spa, hotel spa, resort spa, etc. Spa type involves treatments in the form of aromatherapy, bathing (sauna, hot tub, hot spring, etc.), facials, massage, manicure and pedicures, removal of body hairs, yoga and other treatments or services.

Many people consider these treatments no matter the cost because it serves as a form of their relaxation. There is nothing wrong if you schedule spa treatments once in a while. If you are in Singapore, there are many spa centres you can think about. Here’s a list of the top 4 spa treatment centres in Singapore:


Ikeda Spa

If you want to try Japan’s ‘hot spring’, Ikeda is the best place to go. They have mats and bath tubs for you to use. The bath tub is made of cypress wood which discharges oil and bath salts good for the skin.

Aramsa Garden Spa

The place is at the middle of the Bishan Park. It is the perfect place if you want to feel nature. There are private tubs and private gardens to ease your mind. You can avail of dark chocolate scrubs and Shiatsu massage if you want.

The Bamboo Spa

This centre uses bamboo poles imported from China. Bamboo poles are heated before rolling on the face, body and scalp. You will surely feel relaxed.

G. Spa

This wellness centre is equipped with a cool ambiance, hot and cold pools and sauna. If you are looking for massages, you should go here. Expect free foods. That’s a great deal.

You deserve a treat. If you prefer other inexpensive spas, you can ask your friends if they know a place. Don’t think of the money because the body earned it. Enjoy!


Where to Take Your Spouse

Having children doesn’t mean you have to compromise your quality time as a couple. Rekindle that feeling of courtship and take your spouse on a romantic dinner date. Just for one night, slow down, relax and don’t think about anyone except your spouse. If you plan to take your spouse on a romantic dinner, you should refer to this list to make things easier:


The White Rabbit

The White Rabbit is a restored chapel. It is located in Harding Road. The ambiance is good for reminiscing. They serve European cuisines and cocktails. The price ranges from S$29 onwards. They are open from Tuesday to Friday (12pm-2:30pm and 6:30pm to 10:30pm) and Saturday to Sunday (11:30am to 3pm and 6:30pm モバイル カジノ to 10:30pm). For reservations, you can call ( 65) 6473-9965.

The Olive Ristorante

Olive Ristorante is located in Labrador Park. If you want to eat Western cuisines or Italian platters, you should go to Olive Ristorante. You will feel the traditional charm and tranquil of this restaurant. They are open daily from 12noon to 11pm. For reservations, you can call ( 65) 6479-2989.

Pasta Brava

If you want to take your spouse to an authentic Italian restaurant that serves the best pasta in town, go to Pasta Brava. It is located in Craig Road. The setting is cosy and airy. The price ranges from S$20 to S$25. They are open from 12noon to 2:30pm and 6:30pm to 10:30pm every Monday-Saturday. For reservations, you can call ( 65) 6227 7550.

Remember that the place is not important as long as you are with your spouse and you are having a good time. Quality time should be promoted always. Your kids will not mind if you go out on a date. Do your best to keep the fire burning. There are countless restaurants that you can try.


The Truth About Swelling

Mild swelling can easily go away if we choose to ignore it however it is best if we relieve it just to be safe. Swelling and pain are usually associated with injuries. We should see to it that no other injuries are present. If there are other injuries present, we should consult our doctor to see and diagnose it.


If in this case we are simply suffering from mild swelling, here’s a guide for treating it:

Protect the affected area

If we feel pain, it is vital to stop and check it out. If it is soreness, we should protect the area.

Elevate the affected area

We should remember to elevate the sore area. We should secure ice, wrap it in a cloth and directly apply to the sore area. Cold compress is good for sore areas because it can loosen and relax the muscles.

If we are オンライン カジノ really serious about minimizing the soreness, we should avoid stationary standing or sitting and do some exercise.

Be conscious of our diet

We tend to eat everything we see but if we experience soreness, it is better to keep away from foods with high sodium contents.

Rest and hydrate

If it is really painful, we should rest or sleep. Soreness is characterized by dehydration so it is better to drink plenty of fluids.


If we cannot handle the pain, we can take medications. The good thing about this is that we can secure medicines without prescription. We can purchase Acetaminophen (Tylenol and Panadol) and Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Advil, Motrin, Aleve and Aspirin) over-the-counter.

Pregnant women should not take any of the medications mentioned above as well as individuals with allergic reactions to such medicines. Kids under 20 should not ingest aspirin unless it is the doctor’s advice.