6 Secrets of Online Travel Sites You Should Know

Before booking a hotel stay or a flight at your favorite travel site, make sure that you are getting the best deals with these expert advices.

1. Your travel website knows who’s using a PC and who’s using a Mac
According to Wall Street Journal, Mac users tend to spend more on bookings and travels than PC users. On an average, those people who use Mac spend $20 to $30 a night during hotel stays and book hotels with more stars As result, travel websites show MAC users various, more expensive options first. Since we aim to spend more, regardless of the computer we’re using, sort your search results by price.

2. Packages are usually comprised of low-end items
Travel websites often brag about being a one-stop shop for travelers. In a travel website you can book everything from your airfare, hotel accommodation, car rental, tour package and even restaurant reservation. While it’s a convenient way to book, these deals and packages often includes options that no one wants to get, like flights with too many layovers and hotel rooms in unfavorable spot of the hotel. Check the fine print always before confirming your booking.

3. These sites don’t always connect with hotels’ systems
A guaranteed hotel reservation in travel websites is almost impossible to do. While the date you’re booking appears to be available in the travel site, it’s actually taken after calling the hotel directly. These third-party providers are not immune to system errors, so make sure to call the airline or hotel to confirm whether your booking online was received.

4. You cannot build hotel or airline loyalty
Booking at a travel website may save you a lot, but it won’t rack up your loyalty miles and points. Plus, your booking will not make you eligible for exclusive privileges and perks. Instead, work with a travel agent or directly with the company to increase your loyalty points and get you the upgrades and rewards.

5. Once your trip is purchased, you’re on your own
An online website cannot provide travel assistance the same way agents can in case of cancelled flights or a substandard hotel room. Basically, once you’re done booking your trip, you are the one responsible for the convenience of your trip.

6. They can’t give you first-hand experience
A travel online site cannot tell the exact location and the size of the hotel room, or whether the room has an outdoor view or none. You will need to do your own research or take the risk if getting booked in a dimly lit room next to an A/C’s outdoor unit.

Online travel sites can definitely save you some cash, but can you really trade your comfort and experience for a few dollars? Keep these insider tips in mind and make sure to decide smartly before confirming your booking.


5 Surprising Ways Long-Haul Flights Affect Your Body

Travelling is fun, but not the 12-hour flight you have to endure to get to your destination. Although traveling by plane is safe, you can still experience a few unexpected side effects when you are 35,000 feet above the ground.

1. Blood in your feet can cause them to swell
Sitting in a restricted space for long hours can have an effect on your blood flow, leading to swollen ankles and feet. Health experts also said that sitting for long hours in unusual pressure level can cause the blood flow in your body to slowdown. Although we often hear advices saying to get up and move around every once in a while during long hours of flight, it can be unsafe in case of turbulence. If you are someone with underlying health condition and has an upcoming trip outside Singapore that entails four or more hours of flight, talk to your doctor about it.

2. The cabin pressure can make you feel gassy
The farting during long hours of flights isn’t just in your imagination. Remember when your physics teacher thought you that gas expands inversely to pressure? This holds true when you are more than 30,000 feet above sea level. Therefore, as your height increases during a flight, the pressure lowers and the gas inside your body expands accordingly, causing you to bloat and break wind.

3. You may not appreciate your food
The food they serve in the plane may not be as tasteless you thought they were. The very low humidity in the air you inhale inside the plane dries the membranes in your nose and mouth, affecting your taste buds. No worries, though, you can reactivate your sense of taste by drinking more water.

4. Air shifts inside the plane can cause toothache
Though it’s not as common, gas changes inside the body can affect your teeth as the gas settles in the cavities and fillings of your teeth. And while it is not very common, unlike ear pain during flights, there is nothing much you can do to avoid it. Probably, the only thing you can do is to take painkillers to relieve the pain. If you’re already experiencing even the slightest toothache, visit your dentist prior the trip.

5. The air inside the plane can cause bad breath
Dehydration of mouth can encourage growth of bacteria that causes bad breath. Not drinking water or eating anything for hours can cause another episode of ‘morning breath’ later in your flight. The good news is that it can easily be remedied. Just drink plenty of water throughout the flight and bring your toothbrush and mouthwash with you.
Do not let your flight hamper the fun of your vacation. With a little preparation, you can avoid these effects and even appreciate the silence and relaxation that your long-haul flight offers.


4 Best Destinations for Bachelorette Party That Aren’t Las Vegas

The bachelorette party’s destination will determine how fun it is going to be. Let’s not pretend that going bar hopping in the most common party land of Las Vegas is how you want to spend your last night of maidenhood. So, where are the best places outside Singapore—that’s not in Las Vegas—to enjoy the night with your girl friends before you are legally bound to the man of your life? Here, we’ve compiled four of the best places to celebrate your hen’s party.

1. Breathless Punta Cana (Dominican Republic)
Alongside the fine white sands, palm trees and the pristine turquoise Caribbean beaches, the Dominican Republic has quite a reputation for being a destination with the best deals. Stretch your budget even further—and get your BFFs some more daiquiris—by staying at an all-inclusive resort in the island. One of the most sought-after places in the island is the Breathless Punta Cana, which can cater to groups like yours with packages that include group photo shoots, mid-night tapa parties and a ‘bachelorette’ banner on your dorm doors.

2. Rosewood Mayakoba (Mexico)
There are much more in Mexico than Cancun. If you want the same sunny weather, white-sand beaches and clear blue waters minus the crowd, head to Playa del Carmen. Rosewood Mayakoba is probably the most serene place in the region. This beautiful resort is situated in the middle of the jungle ensuring the tranquil atmosphere throughout your celebration. You and your girls can stay in one of their gorgeous suites with oversized terraces rooftop decks and your own private pool for an exclusive all-girls pool party.

3. Dhara Dhevi (Thailand)
Head to Thailand for a memorable celebration with your best gals and immerse yourself in the captivating food, architecture, culture and nightlife of Chiang Mai. When picking a place to stay, go to a resort where everything is in one place, like the Dhara Dhevi. This luxe resort offers beautiful villas and a myriad of activities that highlights Thai culture. You and your crew can learn a lot at the arts and crafts village, shop for souvenirs at the nearby market and go home with new Asian recipes up on your sleeves.

4. Aro Ha (New Zealand)
To be exact, Aro Ha is in Queenstown, New Zealand—where your fellow queens go. This wellness place will help cure all your wedding jitters with its body morphing, life shifting and spirit lifting retreats. They offer group adventures like hiking and yoga, plus daily full-body massages. Don’t go home without going bungee jumping and exploring the wilds, too, if you’re in need of some adrenaline rush.

Now that you have a few places to choose from, we hope deciding where to celebrate your last hoorah as a single lady would be much less daunting for you and your gals.


The Beauty of Exploring the Unknown

Why Travelling to a Never-Been-Before Place is the Best Travel Experience?

There are two kinds of travellers in the world: those who travel comfortably and those who travel adventurously—people who throw themselves in the unknown, go wherever and do whatever, and yearn to get lost.


Travelling is the perfect time to explore and renew a stagnant soul. Step out of your comfort zone and see for yourself why travelling to the unknown is the best travel experience you’ll ever have.

1.       You’ll need to find your own way.

Finding your own way means more chances of exploring the place. You’ll have to communicate with people, experience riding local utility vehicles, or walk around and witness the beauty of the place. It also allows you to get lost, which leads us to number two.

2.       Getting lost opens new discoveries.

It is only when you get lost you’ll be able to find your way back again. Getting lost is about meeting new people, stumbling over signs, and experiencing new moments that could change your perspective and gives you an idea of where to go.


3.       The jolts from witnessing new things keep you alive. 

There is nothing more exciting than entering an unfamiliar world. Your fear, anxiety, and new discoveries awaken your senses and make you feel more alive.

4.       You push yourself to the limit.

Travelling to an unfamiliar place where you don’t know the language and daily customs of the people forces you to go beyond your limits. You’ll be surprised that those socializing skills you have that gets you through parties and events may no longer be valid. In order to get from one point to another, you may have to do something that you may have never tried doing before.

5.       You’ll surely learn many new things.

You won’t simply be lounging on a beach, but try to find your way to it. It’s a guarantee that you’ll learn new language and discover new culture. You get to buy things in currencies you might have never heard of and find out how cheap or expensive everything is in a place. Everything is new; hence, you’ll learn things you might have never thought exist.

Travelling to a lesser known place let’s you find strength in yourself you never thought you had. Therefore, such experience doesn’t only give you a chance to learn new things from an unfamiliar environment, but discover something new within you as well.



Discovering the Grandeur of Sydney

If you are planning to visit Australia, you have to make sure that you stop by at their capital and enjoy its grandeur. Sydney is full of wonders worth your visit. You can start with their pristine beaches and their national parks. Who will forget about the Opera House?


Sydney is also notable for its night life, restaurants, architecture and events. If you really want to see Sydney at its best, you should visit from May to August. It is winter there and you will experience unique activities. Here are some activities that you can try in Sydney:


  • Early Christmas: Christmas does not only happen every December for in Sydney, Christmas can be felt throughout the winter season. You should check out the Blue Mountain Yulefest.
  • Whale Watching: You can witness the migration of whales. You will be awed to オンライン カジノ see humpbacks and right whales. You should head to the Manly Beach for more sightings.
  • Visit the Alps: If you want to see snow-covered alpines, you should visit the Alps. You will enjoy because of different activities like snowboarding and skiing. You have to head to Snowy Mountains right away.
  • Wine Tours: During winter, wines are popular. You can join and participate wine tours. If it is not enough, you can also join cheese tasting or olive oil tours.
  • Grower’s Market: You cannot say you’ve been to Sydney without tasting their local produce. You need to go to their Grower’s market and sample the products and fresh produce.

Sometimes you only need to see different places out of Singapore to rediscover your passion and inspiration. Leaving Singapore once in a while to discover other places is not bad. In fact, it will enrich you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.