Match Bridesmaid Dresses with Your Wedding Dress

If you’re struggling to choose the right dresses for your bridesmaids, and you’re completely confused where to start, consider starting the process with your own wedding dress. Your wedding dress’ style, fabric, and embellishments will provide you an idea of what elements should play into your bridesmaid dresses.

To get you on the right path, here’s a few tips in choosing the right bridesmaid dresses according to your wedding gown style.

Modern Style Gowns
Wedding gowns in modern styles would be best matched with bridesmaid dresses in non-trendy fabrics. Complement your modern bridal look with retro bridesmaids and avoid mimicking the remarkable details of your dress so you’ll still standout and maintain aesthetic balance. For instance, if yours is a one-shouldered gown, don’t have your bridesmaids wearing the same style. Instead, let them wear bateau or square neckline dresses.

Embellished A-Line Gowns
The trick with embellished Singapore bridal dresses is to mimic the design and type of embellishments used. If your dress appears to be “soft” and “mystical,” look for bridesmaid dresses that echoes the same imagery. You can consider elegant wedding gowns by z wedding in Singapore as they are one of the most reputed bridal shops around. Match your A-line wedding dress with the same silhouette of cocktail dresses for your maids. However, for the neckline, never have the dresses in the same neckline as yours. A V-neck or modified sleeveless dresses look gorgeous when paired with your strapless A-line wedding gown.

Traditional Ball Gowns
Ball gowns are usually for elaborate and more formal weddings and, therefore, calls for an equally elegant bridesmaid dresses. To match your Z Wedding ball gown, there’s no way your maids will wear dresses shorter than floor-length gowns. For the fabric, the dresses can be in the same fabric as your wedding gown. Satin fabrics in dark and earthy colors look classy and highlights your bridal gown so well.


Lacey Gowns
Lacey wedding gowns became increasingly popular in recent years. However, the problem with these gowns is that they are the most difficult to match in terms of style and color. If you set your heart in a lacey bridal dress, the best you can do is to match the patterns of the lace. Look for wedding dresses with spiral or floral prints that mimics the patterns of your dress. For the neckline, you can have the dresses in the same neckline as yours. Singapore wedding gown designers suggest to mirror one or two elements of the wedding gown, such as the length, neckline, embellishments or fabric, to give uniformity to the overall look.

Shorter Gowns
These wedding gowns should be matched with short bridesmaid dresses, but not necessarily in the same length. Choose simple-styled dresses for your maids so as not to look like a copycat of your bridal dress. If yours is a flared skirt, let your girls wear an A-line, circle, or sheath skirt. If possible, look for dresses that are a few inches shorter than your gown so there’s a distinct difference from yours.

Looking for matching bridesmaid dresses require a lot of consideration, but don’t let this endeavor ruin your most special day. Apart from the costly options provided to you by Singapore bridal boutiques, try searching for dresses from alternative sources, like your bridesmaids’ closets. Look for complementing pieces from their existing wardrobe while still keeping in mind the essential tips mentioned above.