A Guide in Choosing Your Breast Cancer Surgeon

Women who find lumps on their breasts usually imagine the worst – cancer. While some lumps do indicate breast cancer, there’s also a range of benign breast diseases that produces symptoms similar with the disease. Even if your fears of breast cancer turns into a reality, early detection and choosing the right breast cancer specialist Singapore can help you achieve the most successful treatment. But who’s the right breast cancer doctor for you? Will you just rely on the names provided to you by your physician? To help you answer these questions, here are 10 tips on how you can find the right breast doctor for yourself.

1. Seek Recommendations From Trusted People

One of the easiest ways to find the right surgeon for you is to ask your relatives, friends, or your gynae about any breast cancer surgeon they know. Most hospitals give out physician referrals, including the breast doctor’s background, either online or over the phone. If you want, you can also ask your insurance company to provide a list of their in-network cancer specialists and surgeons.

2. Browse Websites of Cancer Research Organizations

Aside from asking recommendations from your friends and relatives, it’s also possible to find a breast cancer surgeon through the websites of organizations that promote cancer research. Also, try looking into hospitals, medical universities, medical organizations and government websites to help you locate breast cancer specialists near your area.

3. Look Into the Doctor’s Credentials

Hospitals and state medical licensing boards usually provide background information on potential breast surgeons, so find out where your prospective breast doctor was trained and where he or she obtained his or her degree.

4. Choose Someone Familiar with New Treatment Techniques and Options

You can find a breast cancer surgeon who’s been practicing for 25 years, but still approaches breast cancer as they did 25 years ago. So instead of basing your decision on experience alone, also check if the person is up to date with the new and improved techniques of treating breast cancer. Does the surgeon perform full breast cancer screening in Singapore and other procedures like Mammosite, or are they experienced in doing techniques like nipple saving mastectomy and radioactive seed localization of tumours? Hiring a surgeon who’s capable of performing such techniques will allow you to explore various treatment options for your illness.

5. Check Surgeon’s Licensing History

After checking into your surgeon’s experience and treatment knowledge, it’s now time to contact the medical licensing board of your place to check about whether or not she’s been sued for medical negligence. Your rights are only limited in this regard though, since not all information are given to a consumer upon request. Still, you can ask these background questions during your consultation appointment with your breast specialist.

6. List Down Important Questions for Your Surgeon

Even if your appointment time with your surgeon is only limited, it’s crucial that you ask him all the important questions. Before going to your appointment, make sure that you write down all the questions that you want to be answered by your surgeon. Through this, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions, and feel more at peace about the somewhat overwhelming and frightening process. Ask the more important questions first so you can ensure that they get answered right away.

7. Schedule an Appointment With Your Prospective Doctor

After researching on the medical records and background of your prospective surgeon, it’s now time to schedule a consultation appointment with the person. You can now ask questions as to how long has he or she been practicing, and how often has he or she performed the type of surgery that you need. Also, ask about his or her success rates with using the method.

As you ask your questions, evaluate how your surgeon responds to your queries. If he or she acts uneasy while answering, take it as a warning sign and find another breast cancer specialist Singapore. Remember that you should be comfortable asking him or her any questions, and he or she should provide you with straightforward answers.

8. Ensure That the Surgeon Cares About Your Comfort

It doesn’t mean that the process will be completely painless, but do look for a surgeon who will do his or her best to minimize the discomfort or pain of the procedures you’ll be undergoing. Most surgeons are not touchy feely types, but you should be able to tell whether or not the surgeon is concerned or sensitive to your comfort.

9. Contact Your Insurance Company

Once the appointment’s done, immediately contact your insurance company to see if the breast specialist you’re considering is recognized as one of their in-network providers. Doing this will allow you to save some bucks, especially if the surgeon’s affiliated with your insurance company and is under your health care plan.

10. Determine the Importance of Surgeon’s Location

Aside from the cost of the surgeon’s services, you should also consider the location of the doctor’s office. The amount of time you’ll need to travel for your breast cancer treatment, as well as your lifestyle and family obligations should influence your final choice for your breast cancer surgeon.

Make sure that you do your homework well, and choose the best experienced surgeon that you can find. Together, you can make the best decisions and take the best actions to maximize your chances of getting positive outcomes – and you can be at peace, knowing that you made the right decision in hiring a caring and experienced breast cancer specialist.