Changing For the Better

In this modern era, technological advances seem to be very fast. IPads, tablets, laptops, cellular phones, computers and many more provides comfort to many individuals. However, nowadays, it is not evident that it is very useful to some individuals.



Cellphones can be used a triggering device to detonate a bomb. This device is only small and handy that can kill many lives. See what happened in Boston Marathon Bombings last year. The suspects use cellphone to activate the homemade pressure cooker bombs that they place near the finish line. So, is cellphone a good invention?

Eye Problems

All the above-mentioned modern appliances can harm our vision even when we are young. The light that these gadgets bring can destroy our eyes. Most of the time, this can lead to loss of vision when not immediately treated. Doctors advise many modern electronic device users not to overuse their eyes to avoid オンライン ブラックジャック eye problems.


Family and Other Relationship

Most gadget users are staying long hours using computer. Most of them have broken relationship to his family or loved ones. In this virtual period, it is very difficult to see a person that is not addicted to the usage of modern devices. Nowadays, many people forgot to say a sweet “Good Morning” and many lovely greetings. Generally, many individuals are addicted to these current inventions and it can only be changed if there is something who can do a great transformation of the world today. The only way to stop it is to eliminate all modern electronic gadgets.


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