Coping with PWDs

Are you familiar with SG Enable? This is a programme of the government that seeks to help PWDs (Persons with Disabilities) to acquire employment. The government will provide training to ready the PWDs for workforce. This programme will encourage PWDs to continue their life and be hopeful even if they have disabilities.

The government did its part. Now it is your part to understand the PWDs, their needs and the challenges that come with them. If you have a disabled friend or family member, you really need to comprehend on their situation. Here are some things that you need to do for PWDs:


Encourage independence

PWDs know that they lack something but that does not mean that they are invalid or weak. Know that they can still do something and let them do it. There are times that you feel overly protective but that is not good. What’s casino online good is to encourage independence and self reliance so when they are left alone, they can still survive.

Boost self confidence

Most cases, disabled individuals have low self esteem. That is purely understandable but you do not need to stress it or criticize them. You have to boost their self confidence so they can still continue living without seeing what’s lacking. Be careful not to show sympathy though because it will only worsen the situation.


PWDs need support. You may think that this is simple but your time and effort will be appreciated. PWDs need someone to talk to and someone to lean on. You can send them to support groups so they feel they belong and they will know that many people understand what they are going through. You have to talk to them and make them feel that they are still valuable in the society. Do not ignore or neglect them in any way.

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