Different Kinds of Driver You Encounter on the Road


It is true that you meet a lot of people while on the road here in Singapore. Whether you are driving your car or just a passenger of a cab, there are different kinds of driver you encounter on the road and it helps if you can identify them.


Sometimes these drivers can either entertain us or frustrate us. Regardless, you cannot help but notice these distinctive drivers. Here are the kinds of drivers you encounter on the road:

The loud jockey

This is probably the easiest kind of driver that you can spot. If you hear booming stereo, then definitely he is a loud jockey. The windows of these drivers are rolled down most of the time and you will see their heads jive with the music. These drivers are just enjoying the ride. Sometimes they look around and flash a smile. Even if they have good music, you sometimes wish that they lower their volume because you are also trying to relish your music too.

Flash drivers

If drivers have superpowers, they will probably be The Flash. You will notice these drivers because they tend to over speed, overtake and beat the red light. When you are trying to cross the pedestrian, they won’t even stop for a while and let you cross peacefully. These kinds of drivers are always in a rush – driving to the best day of their lives or to running from their worst day. When you encounter these drivers, you have to tread slowly because many of the road accidents are initiated by them. These drivers should realize that this is not racing.


Undecided drivers

There are drivers who cannot seem to make up their mind. Swerve here and there. One moment you see them in the inner lane the next they are in someplace. These kinds of drivers are the main cause of congestion. They are not aware that they are causing the traffic and it is worse when they are behind the wheels of a public utility vehicle.

The travellers

If you are so pissed with the flash drivers because they invite road accidents, you will also be frustrated with the travellers. These kinds of drivers go as slowly as they can because they want to savour the moment. Like the undecided drivers, they can also cause congestion. The good thing though is they are usually calm and doesn’t go for confrontation. You cannot blame them for enjoying the sweet ride.

The Honkers

Honkers are painful in the ears. They tend to honk which can be annoying when you are trying to relax inside the vehicle. When the traffic is building up, the honkers become more annoying. These drivers are prone to confrontations since they receive angry yells from other users.

Now which driver are you?


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