Factors to Consider When Looking for a Laundry Company

Most of us are always busy with school and work that we often lack the time to do our laundry. Even if there are washing machines available to assist us in performing the chore, these equipment are not convenient enough, causing us to look for a much better alternative. Because of this, laundry service in Singapore started gaining popularity. With the increased demand for this type of services, a lot of laundry companies have come up to satisfy the needs of their customers. But with such great number of laundry service providers, how will you know if you chose the right one? Here, we listed some of the key factors you should consider when choosing the best laundry cleaning company in Singapore.

1. Company’s Reputation

Checking the reputation of commercial laundry services that are available in your area will help you find the service provider who can cater to your cleaning needs. Some of the best ways to learn about the reputation of a particular laundry company is through reading online reviews and asking your family and friends. Knowing the reputation of your prospective service provider is critical as it informs you of how the company handles and provides laundry services to their clients.

Customer reviews and feedback about reputable laundry service providers are now available online. If you want, you can also read other resources like directories and laundry blogs that recommend commercial laundry services in Singapore so you will know which companies are touted as the best in the industry.

2. Experience

Aside from reputation, experience is another important factor you should put into consideration when looking for a laundry company in Singapore. A laundry business that has been operating for years carries some guarantee of understanding the needs of their customers more than a service provider that just got into the market. If a laundry company has operated for years but still doesn’t have a wide customer base asking for their services, then it only means that their quality of service is pretty low.

3. Customer Service

Customer service is an important aspect of any organization. A good laundry service in Singapore would be willing to invest to ensure that they get to provide top-notch customer service to their clients. The company’s customer care representatives should be knowledgeable about the laundry service and operations in their company, and they should also provide comprehensive answers whenever you call to inquire about something.

4. Client Review and Testimonials

Apart from checking how the company values their customer service, it’s also crucial to know what their previous clients feel or think about their laundry services. Once you are done short-listing several commercial laundry services, it’s now time to search for customer reviews and testimonials about these specific companies. A service provider that has a lot of positive reviews to back them up is likely to provide better laundry services than those who have disappointed their previous customers.

5. Price

Compare the services and prices offered by different laundry companies near your area by calling them and asking for a detailed quotation. Their quotation should cover important details, such as cleaning methods, service fee, material covered in the cleanliness service, and prices for any additional laundry service. Knowing these important details will allow you to effectively manage your budget, and determine which laundry service in Singapore provides great services at reasonable rates.

6. Pickup and Delivery Services

Most laundry companies in Singapore offer other laundry-related services like pickup and delivery of clothes. These services make a company appear more convenient, while showing their commitment to their work. The leading service providers in the industry provide these additional services to ensure that they reach their clients with utmost convenience.

Pickup and delivery services are affordable, and are ideal for individuals who are too busy to deliver and get their items themselves from the laundry shop. By getting these additional services, all that is left for you to do is schedule when your laundry service provider gets to pick and deliver back your clothes.

7. Cleaning Method

Look for a service provider that uses effective cleaning methods to wash your laundry. A good laundry company uses such methods to keep the clothing pieces of their clients in tip-top shape. An effective cleaning method ensures that your clothes are protected from damages like shrinkage and colour fading. By choosing a laundry company that practices high quality cleaning method, you are able to save some time and keep yourself safe from any trouble.

8. Security of Your Clothes

Outsourcing the cleaning of your laundry won’t do you any good if the security of your clothing pieces are not guaranteed. To ensure the security of your laundry, choose a laundry service in Singapore that assigns a personnel to pick up your laundry and advise you on the pricing. The staff should then provide you with an invoice indicating your name, phone number, number of items collected, date of pickup and the expected date of delivery.

If you happen to be not in your house during the time you are scheduled to receive your clothes, the delivery personnel should keep hold of them at their laundromat to ensure its security.

Choosing the right service provider who can cater to your laundry needs isn’t that difficult if you just know the things to look out for. So be sure to check all the aforementioned factors the next time you outsource a laundry company to ensure that you get what you paid for.

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