Famous Spas in Singapore

Spas are more than pampering yourself but it also includes health benefits. Spas are popular these days. When you speak of spa, it refers to water treatments. There are many types of spa to include day spa, dental spa, medical spa, hotel spa, resort spa, etc. Spa type involves treatments in the form of aromatherapy, bathing (sauna, hot tub, hot spring, etc.), facials, massage, manicure and pedicures, removal of body hairs, yoga and other treatments or services.

Many people consider these treatments no matter the cost because it serves as a form of their relaxation. There is nothing wrong if you schedule spa treatments once in a while. If you are in Singapore, there are many spa centres you can think about. Here’s a list of the top 4 spa treatment centres in Singapore:


Ikeda Spa

If you want to try Japan’s ‘hot spring’, Ikeda is the best place to go. They have mats and bath tubs for you to use. The bath tub is made of cypress wood which discharges oil and bath salts good for the skin.

Aramsa Garden Spa

The place is at the middle of the Bishan Park. It is the perfect place if you want to feel nature. There are private tubs and private gardens to ease your mind. You can avail of dark chocolate scrubs and Shiatsu massage if you want.

The Bamboo Spa

This centre uses bamboo poles imported from China. Bamboo poles are heated before rolling on the face, body and scalp. You will surely feel relaxed.

G. Spa

This wellness centre is equipped with a cool ambiance, hot and cold pools and sauna. If you are looking for massages, you should go here. Expect free foods. That’s a great deal.

You deserve a treat. If you prefer other inexpensive spas, you can ask your friends if they know a place. Don’t think of the money because the body earned it. Enjoy!

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