Financial Planning For The Future

Whether a financial planner, company, or even the government of a country are dependent upon financial planning to improve upon their present financial condition and to meet exigencies in future. Planning in Singapore is all about saving and investing to save for future, so as to be able to fulfill one’s responsibilities and obligations towards his family. What this implies is that a good financial planner should manage his income and expenditure in such a manner so as to be able to save a little every month and invest this amount systematically. This is what financial planning is all about.

If you are a young and healthy citizen in Singapore, you may think that you don’t need a financial planner and that planning as a waste of time as you feel you have power and money to meet any exigencies オンライン カジノ in life. But circumstances do not remain constant. This realization dawns upon most people when they start on a family. As kids grow, their requirements grow too. Then there are desires of cars, new home, expansion of business, jewelry, etc for which a person in Singapore has to plan early in life. For example, to buy a new car in Singapore, there are banks ready to provide loan but they require you to pay a down payment. That”s when you would have wished that you had consulted a financial planner singapore for advice. So for a car that has an MRP of $20000, you may be asked to shell out $2000 while the rest can be repaid in installments. If you plan and save $200 every month, it will take you 10 months to accumulate $2000. This is financial planning in a nutshell.

Similarly, if for example you plan to arrange for the education of your son, you need to consult a financial planner and take a plan from life insurance companies to get back the amount that might be needed in future for admission into college or university. One aspect of life that troubles many in Singapore is life after retirement – but anyone can prepare for this through a financial planning career. As a steady stream of income is lost, people worry about their lifestyle and accordingly ask a financial planner to ensure they get a fix amount of money every month after retirement to live life in much the same way as they are today.

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