For the Third Time Around

Singapore has maintained its position in the WEF (World Economic Forum). Singaporeans are surely delighted with this news – Singapore is the most competitive city in Asia for the third time around. The city state maintained its grip. The indicators include competitiveness, strong performance and concentration on innovation. Coming after Singapore is Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Thailand and Indonesia.


Making Up for Past Decline

This new milestone means something for Singapore and its people, especially with the sluggishness in the economy for the past two years. Globally, Singapore is the second next to Switzerland. The third オンライン カジノ place goes to Finland followed by Germany, United States, Sweden, SAR Hong Kong, Netherlands, Japan and United Kingdom. The Global Competitiveness Report 2013-2014 is based on GCI (Global Competitiveness Index).

Reasons for Ranking on Top

There were about 148 countries which were judged based on the 12 pillars of competitiveness. According to the report, Singapore’s efficiency can be attributed to labour and good market, top-notch infrastructure, concentration on education and inventive private sector among others. The report assessed the competitiveness of the 148 countries. The result provided some insights especially on the drivers of a country’s prosperity and productivity.

The Mission of WEF

To date, the report remains to be the most comprehensive and trusted worldwide assessment when it comes to national competitiveness. WEF lives by their commitment to improve the world state. WEF headquarters are located in Cologny, Switzerland; it has an affiliate in Tokyo, New York and Beijing. It is an independent, non profit organization with members from leading companies. The funding comes from the membership fees, partnership fees and participation fees.

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