Fun and Exciting Things to Do

There are a lot of Singaporeans who complain about what they have. They are so blessed not just with the people around them but also with the different sceneries that are seen in the beautiful country – Singapore. On the other hand, Singaporeans are very lucky to have different tourist spots which also help the country sustain their finances.


  • The Singapore Flyer: Floating above the Singapore sky is the Singapore Flyer. Singapore flyer is a 165 meter stand the can go up and down. Price doesn’t matter because what you are into is the fun and excitement. There is no way you can compare this to another place. It’s simply the best.
  • The Esplanade: Almost all cities around the globe have public pathway. In Singapore, the pathway is different. Here, you can see the sunset and the beautiful sea of the Marina Bay. You’ll not regret going to the esplanade of Singapore as you can see different sceneries that are pleasing to the eyes.


  • The Singapore Zoo: This Zoo is among the largest zoo in the world. Housed in this 69 acre land is more than 2,500 animals and some of them are endangered. In connection to this, the Jurong Bird Park also houses many species of birds. Aside from these exciting places, you can also take you child in the Night Safari or take cruise around the River Safari.

Truly, Singapore is blessed with different sites. There is no island, city or even a country that can be compared to Singapore. As a whole, you’ll experience a happy life in the country.


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