Haircut Hate: 6 Ways to Deal with a Haircut That You Hate

Oftentimes, we walk into our favourite salon with the high hopes of getting a gorgeous haircut, only to step out full of regret. Although poor haircutting skills can be a major factor, this unfortunate situation shouldn’t be solely blamed to the stylist.


Unrealistic expectation and miscommunication also plays a big part in these haircut nightmares. Luckily, awful chops are just temporary and it’s still possible to grow back your lovely locks. So as you wait for the great comeback of your strands, try these hair hacks first to make dealing with your awful chop a little bearable.

  1. Colour It. One of the simplest way to improve your awful chop is to have it coloured. In fact, having a multi-dimensional hair colour could enhance even the appearance of a choppy cut. If you have highlights, consider replacing them with lowlights in a single process. This way, people won’t even notice that you got a rather awful cut.
  1. Add Some Volume. A good way to hide an uneven cut and grown-out layers is by having curls. Not only will it add some shape in your hair, it will also serve as a distraction of what may be going on underneath. If you’ve lost a bit more length than your previous cut, hide it by waving things ups and making your hair look bolder and bigger than before.


  1. Wear It Up. If you haven’t tried wearing your hair up, then this may be the right time to try wearing it up, like in a top knot or a bun. You can be creative with how you tie your hair up and have fun with it until you’re confident enough to wear your locks down again.
  1. Go for Extensions. Hair extensions can be your saviour if your stylist happened to cut your hair shorter than usual. You can opt for a clip-in or a permanent extension to cover up the current length of your hair and give it some time to grow back.
  1. Aim for Growth. Remember that hair normally grows back even if you have an awful cut. So take good care of your locks by avoiding excessive use of hairstyling tools, eating healthy foods, drinking lots of water and taking vitamin supplements. With this, you’ll have a set of fresh new hair in no time.

Getting a bad haircut is definitely one of the worst thing that could happen to us, but understand that our locks will still grow back and return to its original form. So instead of always hating on it, take care of it and style it up to turn your awful cut into a gorgeous one.


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