How to Find the Right Hair Salon for Your Needs

You wouldn’t just let anyone handle your haircare, right? Getting your hair coloured and cut is an important task, which is why you need to choose a hairdresser who you trust and who understands exactly what you want. To make things easier for you, we rounded up some tips to help you find and choose the best hair salon in Singapore for your haircare needs.

1. Get Referrals

If you have a colleague, friend or relative whose hair you adore, ask them which hair salon in Singapore they got their hair done. Remember that there’s nothing better than getting a personal recommendation from someone you trust. This also works best if your friend has similar hair texture and face shape as yours, since there’s a greater chance that you’ll get the same hairstyle that you admired.

2. Check Their Social Media Accounts

Practically every hair salon in Singapore has a website or Facebook page, and either of these platforms can be a great tool to gather information about a salon that you’re eyeing. Visiting their website like in Singapore gives you an idea about the services they’re offering, as well as the rates of these services. Their Facebook page, meanwhile, can provide you with customer feedback about the services of each salon.

3. Visit Nearby Salons

Although a salon’s location isn’t as important as the skills of the hairstylist, you may as well opt for a hair salon that’s situated in a convenient location from your home or workplace. If you ever pass by a salon, take a few seconds to check it out. Is the place clean? Are the hairstylists focused on servicing their customers or are they just busy gossiping?

4. See the Hairstylists

Surely, you wouldn’t trust your precious tresses to, say, a woman with a bright pink mullet or to a guy who’s wearing filthy, torn jeans. This is the reason why professional hairstylists recommend seeing your hairdresser beforehand so you’ll have an idea as to what they look like, as well as how they present themselves. This may seem shallow, but if they can’t take good care of their appearance, then how can you trust them to take care of yours.

5. Know What They’re Offering

Before deciding on which salon should handle your haircare needs, find out what services they’re offering first so that you’ll be able to consolidate. Some hair salons also offer services like manicure and pedicure, tanning, facials and even massages, allowing their customers to do everything beauty-related in just one go. So if possible, opt for salons that also offer the same services so you can make the most out of your salon visits.

6. Look at Their Rates

It won’t matter if you found the perfect hair salon if you can’t even afford a shampoo and blow-dry service there, let alone getting a trim or highlights. Understand that hair salons and hairstylists vary wildly in prices, so ensure that the rates of your prospective salon fit right into your budget before making a firm decision.

7. Contact the Hair Salon

Once you’re done observing certain salons in your area, it’s now time to start contacting the salons that impressed you the most. The best hair salon in Singapore is as careful as hiring and training their receptionists as they are with choosing their hairstylists. Note how their receptionist treats you, and see if they’re willing to book you for a consultation before setting an actual appointment. Aside from that, ask about which stylist she thinks is best suited to service your hair. As a receptionist, she should know the skills of each stylists and which type of service they excel in.

8. Schedule a Consultation Appointment

If possible, schedule a consultation prior to your actual appointment to the hair salon so you can discuss the ideas that you have for your hair and know what the hairstylist thinks about them. It’s an even better idea to book a consultation if you’re still unsure about what you want or what hairstyle suits you best.

9. Decide on the Look You Want to Have

The best way to find the right hair salon for your needs is to put the type of look you’re planning to have into consideration. If you’re thinking of sporting an edgy or ultra-modern hairdo, then opt for a salon that reflects that style in their décor and in the types of cuts their clients are getting. If you prefer the more natural-looking hairstyles, however, then choose a hair salon that provides that instead.

10. Test Out the Salon

Aside from checking the services they’re offering online, personally check out the salon by having a shampoo and blow-dry or a trim. Take note of how you were treated by the staff. Did they keep you waiting while they chat? Was the whole experience enjoyable? You can even use this appointment as a consultation period, and let the stylist know about the changes you’re planning to make with your hairstyle.

Finding the right salon that can cater to your needs isn’t as difficult as you think. All you’ve got to do is be clear with what you really want, and choose a salon and stylist that could provide just the hair treatment that you need.

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