How to Properly Defrost Your Freezer


You noticed past few days that your fridge is not cooling normally. When you check the freezer, you notice a build-up. This is the perfect time to defrost it. Other Singaporeans think that defrosting is hard that is why they do not consider it at all. The good news is that there are many tips that can facilitate faster cleaning and safe defrosting.


Here are some do’s of defrosting your freezer:

Do plan

Many people just sharpen their ice pick and tackle the build-up right away. This is not ideal because you might touch an important part or can create a puncture through the walls which will damage the unit. If you want to defrost, make sure that you plan ahead. Defrosting is not an impromptu task – it takes time.

Remember that the complete defrosting will take few hours. You would want to keep the foods inside in a cooler filled with ice. This is to prevent spoilage of the foods while you defrost.

Do check

While you let it defrost, the next thing that you do is to check the contents of your freezer and maybe the whole fridge. Throw away foods that are beyond shelf-life as it can be harmful if consumed. Take advantage of the time and go through it.


Do turn if off

Actually defrosting it means turning it off. Do not work on your fridge if it is still plugged because there is a big possibility that you will be electrocuted. Turning it off will also hasten the defrosting process.

Do heat water

To hasten the melting of the build-up, you can put some heated water to it. If you are not satisfied, you should reheat the water at least every fifteen minutes.

Do put something

Defrosting can get real messy especially if you are not ready for it. Expect water ponding at the bottom of your fridge plus inside the compartments. The best thing that you can do is to put a towel or old newspapers at the bottom of your fridge. This will help you with drying the floor quickly.

Do rinse and dry

Now you started to tackle it. You need to wash it with soap and water. If you have a sanitizer, that would be preferable. After washing, rinse it and make sure that compartments and walls are dry through wiping it. Do not turn on the unit unless you are sure that it is dry.

That should do it. Defrosting may be a little tiring especially if you just came back from work but it is a necessary thing to do. With the tips mentioned above, you can ace it in no time!


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