How VoIP Help Your Business Save Money?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a telecommunications service that allows you to make and take calls via the Internet. Voice over IP help corporations just as much as they help individuals, though many business owners in Singapore don’t even bother to take a glimpse of whether VoIP is a form of investment that’s worthwhile.


However, those who have tried the service—and continue using it—have reported to see significant improvement in their company’s performance. As long as it is used the right way, Voice over IP can help save your business significant amount of money, while providing features and functions you might have never thought you will need.

How VoIP Works

Unlike conventional telecommunication networks in Singapore, VoIP doesn’t rely on phone lines to connect calls. A broadband Internet connection—such as a satellite, cable or DSL connection—is instead used as a medium to transfer calls over the Internet. If you have used an application like Skype, you know you can use your computer with a headset and microphone to make calls anywhere in the world. With this, service providers are allowed to offer some flat-rate monthly fees and makes it possible for you to make calls to any location for a much cheaper rate.

How VoIP Save Money

• Lower International Call Rates
Since this service relies on the Internet, you can choose your own telephone number from a wide selection of locations, instead of using a local area number from the place you live in. This is especially helpful for people who are regularly expecting out of town calls. By setting up your contact number in your caller’s locale area number, your caller will be charged less as your contact number is considered local instead of long-distance. For businesses, they trust PaBX phone system with calling in Singapore and out as this allows branch offices with temporary location to be able to have a local number of the main office to curtail long distance call expenses.

• Save Money When Travelling
Perhaps, a less obvious advantage of VoIP in Singapore is the money you can save when travelling. By plugging in your VoIP adapter into your hotel’s internet connection, you can use your phone just like you would use your office phone. So, even when you are away, you don’t have to miss important calls and you have access to the office features needed to effectively run your business. In case you have field employees, softphones can be used so they can receive calls through their mobile device. All they need is to download a softphone app like Bria, and they will be able to use device to contact anyone anytime. If mobility is of great importance, VoIP in Singapore provides you the edge minus the skyrocketing price tag.


• Unlimited Long Distance Call
In today’s more globalized world of business, it’s common for companies to frequently make overseas calls. Unless you are strictly calling business partners and clients locally, long distance call costs made from a traditional phone network can quickly add up. VoIP technology is beneficial for businesses in Singapore as long distance calls are made through the Internet for free. By taking advantage of the Internet, calling to another country is as easy and light as calling across the town.

• Quick and Free Updates
Like many technological updates, standard phone lines require periodic maintenance and updates, which are completed by calling in technicians to perform the job. But if you switch to a hosted phone system, this means that you never have to worry about doing upgrades and maintenance yourself. VoIP in Singapore is a more cost-effective and time-efficient solution as all costs and fixes for hardware malfunctions and system issues fall on the shoulders of your service provider. Plus, upgrades can be done through the Internet, so it’s guaranteed quick and no need for extensive hardware works like standard phone networks require.

• Free or Minimal Tech Support Fee
If you encounter a system malfunction or any error with your VoIP system, the vendor will help you fix the problems. A good service carrier will have a team of technical support on hand to immediately fix the issues, minimizing downtime at work. If not for free, many companies charge you with minimal fee, so you know you are not stuck with expensive repairs. On the other hand, using a standard phone network can mean that you would end up with costly periodical upgrades and repairs.

• Pay for Only Useful Functions
With standard telephone lines, you need to buy the necessary hardware for a certain feature to work. If you need an auto-attendant feature, you have to buy the auto-attendant hardware, as well as pay for its installation. If you have plans on adding more auto-attendant, say for a new office branch, you will need to purchase additional hardware to activate the feature. However, if you go with Voice over IP system, you get the freedom on how to use your system without buying additional hardware and paying for installations. You can change, add or remove hardware whenever you wish.

Businesses in Singapore that have integrated VoIP in their system have shown significant improvement in their productivity. Business VoIP allows your company to be more productive and avoid the expense and hassle of maintaining and managing your own communications system. Look for a service that will boost your operations and productivity, and provide an impressive bundle of services that are actually helpful for your business.

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