Matches versus Lighters: Which One is Better?

Matches and lighters have the same responsibility, they all help to fire things. It is indeed very advantageous to everything that we do especially when cooking. We can’t be able to light up the stove without the use of lighters. On the other hand, the same goes with camping. If you don’t have lighters or perhaps matches, you can’t have a bonfire. We are taught that we can make fire through friction but it really takes time and is very tiring.


With these lighting materials, the job is easier. Avoid using lighters, just bear with matches. In just a click, you can have fire using lighters. It casino online is also the same with using matches. You just have to rub it once and you can fire up. However, this is not battle of who’s the fastest thing to light up a particular thing, it is just a reminder from people to get rid of using lighters it has nothing good to do in the environment.


Lighters destroy is as it considered as a disposable materials and takes a long time to decompose. It is better to use matches rather than using lighters; you may use trees in order to make matches. Nevertheless, it can be replaced. Do the materials used for lighters can be reproduced? Which one to choose? Actually, you don’t have to choose between the two because they are both beneficial. What’s important here is that you know how to take care of the environment.



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