Picking the Right Paint Finish

Apart from water- and oil-based classification, paints are also categorized based on their function (e.g. finishing paints, sealants, primers, binders, etc.). Another categorization is according to the type of color pigment used, such as titanium, lead, and zinc. But according to painting services contractor in Singapore, the most essential classification is the one that states the paint’s type of finish.

After the paint is applied to the surface, the light reflects to it in certain ways according to the paint’s type of finish. However, if the paint from colourview quality painting services is applied with a special technique (e.g. faux painting), the light will reflect in a completely different manner. But generally, the finish depends on the variety of paint used.

Some paint finishes are more suitable to certain areas of the house. This is because every finish has unique properties that distinct it from the others. Some of these finish options are:


1. Glossy

Typically, there are two choices of glossy paint finishes available in most hardware, high-gloss and semi-gloss. Semi-gloss is a very bright finish with smooth, even surface and can actually take a lot of abuse without looking dull and worn-out. This finish is a popular choice for doors, baseboards, and walls of small rooms like Singapore bathrooms and kitchens. Semi-gloss paint is very easy to maintain, can withstand serious scrubbing, and resist humidity and moisture.

High gloss finish also possesses many of these same qualities, but even more reflective and durable. Most Singapore painting services professionals don’t recommend using this finish on major walls of the house as the effect can be very intense.

2. Matte

Matte finish has slightly the same texture and reflective ability with flat finish. However, matte type paints vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some Singapore paint manufacturers produce a matte finish with a bit more sheen than flat paint type. Also, it has a rough finish that’s considered to be comfortable and warm. It’s non-slippery; therefore, stains can’t be washed off easily. For this reason, matte finishes are not recommended by house painting professionals to be applied on walls in rooms where there are high traffic and have frequent visitors.


3. Flat Enamel

If you wish to achieve the look of a matte finish in your Singapore home painting, ask your painting services contractor about the right brand of flat-enamel paint. This type of finish has the same physical qualities of a matte paint, but more washable. However, keep in mind that enamel finishes have extremely strong chemicals that can exude strong odor for days up to a week.

4. Eggshell

The next paint finish that resembles the reflective property of a matte paint is the eggshell finish. Depending on the manufacturer, an eggshell type of paint has either the same amount of sheen as satin or matte finish. But generally, the glossiness of an eggshell paint is close to that of a real egg shell. As expected, this type of paint is much easier to clean than matte as it is slightly glossy.

5. Satin Finish

Satin type finish exudes sufficient amount of gloss to softly reflect light in the room and give the walls slight glow. However, remember that it will still highlight flaws on the wall because it easily catches light; therefore, cracks and dents should be fixed beforehand before application of paint. Painting services contractors would recommend satin finish in areas with frequent visitors and higher amount of traffic since it’s fairly durable and washable.

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