Places to Visit – Before They Get Too Popular


It is good to visit famous tourist spots like the Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace, Statue of Liberty, Great Wall of China and the likes. While it is a must to see these places at least once in your life, you should also visit other places that are not yet that famous but offer great adventure, value for money and abundant travel experience.


It is time that you consider traveling outside your comfort zone so you can see what a beautiful world it is. Many Singaporeans think of exploring unrecognized travel destinations these days and that has become a trend. Finding such places is not that hard. Here are some places you need to visit before everyone else does:

Faroe Islands

Iceland is a famous destination as of the moment but you should not overlook neighbouring countries. For instance, in Denmark, there is Faroe Islands. The islands are nestled between Norway and Iceland. Faroe offers 18 islands.

If you are looking to get away from the crowds in Iceland or Norway, this is the perfect place to be with its unspoiled landscape and ceaseless outdoor activities, you will not be bored.


If you are thinking of a place to spend your summer, Franciacorta is a good place to consider with its wineries. It is in northern Italy, just few minutes from Milan. The small region boasts of more than one hundred wineries. What is the best thing about the wineries? It is nestled in medieval castles and refurbished monasteries.


When you go here, you will be treated with fine wine plus breath-taking sights. What could go wrong?

Brac Island

Brac Island is in Croatia. Croatia is making a name these days (you can blame Game of Thrones for that). Most tourists visit Dubrovnik, Split or Hvar. If you happen to go to these places, why not consider a ferry ride from Split and go to Brac Island? You can visit beaches there.

Haida Gwaii

If you happen to visit Canada, you should visit Haida Gwaii. This is Canada’s hidden gem. Like traveling to Bali, going to Haida Gwaii is hard but it is surely worth the effort at the end of the day. Haida Gwaii is formerly known as Queen Charlotte Islands. Now it is called “Canada Galapagos” because of its richness of wildlife.


Provence is in France. When in France, many will choose Cannes or Paris but if you are seeking for a different experience, you should head to the south-eastern region. Provence is rather charming and filled with stunning views – an excellent place for your retreat.

It is good to share that you have been to places where no one else has.


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