Reasons Why Junk Foods are Exceedingly Popular  


The big question is: if junk foods are bad for the health, then why is it exceedingly popular here in Singapore and around the world? The thought that it is bad for the health should be enough to scare people and not touch it but we all know too well that junk foods are too pleasurable to deny it.


Junk foods refer to stuffs that we consume that has little to no nutritional value. The ingredients are bad for the health. Junk foods include candy, soft drinks, burgers, fries, hotdogs, cookies and chips. The question still remains – why is it popular? Here are some reasons behind it popularity:

Junk foods are cheap

Restaurants are famous to serve junk foods but despite the fact, you still find many people eating there. The obvious reason is that junk foods are cheap. You can eat at restaurants several times a week and do not see yourself broke at the end of the day because of its price.

Junk foods are readily available

Aside from its cheapness, junk foods are readily available. Vending machines for example are everywhere. You see convenience stores every corner. It takes time and effort to prepare a healthy meal but for junk foods, eating is easier and more convenient.


Junk foods are delectably complicated

Junk foods offer a burst of complicated flavor at the same time. For example, one moment it is sweet and then next salty. Savouring complicated flavors is preferred by many people.

While it is true that many Singaporeans are delighted with junk foods, it is time that we abandon it. If it is so hard to resist, maybe there is nothing wrong with a little.


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