Safety Guidelines for Public Events

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) is reminding all organizers of events to comply with the regulations and guidelines set by government agencies. Organizers should comply with the guidelines and regulations to avoid unfortunate events. Here are the general guidelines for event planning:


Initial planning – Organizers should make a checklist so that nothing is left out. In the initial planning, the organizers need to take care of the permits, licenses and regulations, insurance, risk assessment, risk management and planning.

Communication – For the communication, the checklist should include signage, communicating with the staff, communicating with the crowd and other issues.

Setting – For the setting, the organizers need to check surrounding area and possible environmental hazards that may come with the chosen location.


Staffing – Organizers need to search for competent staffs that can help them with everything. The checklist should include assessment of needed staff members and the appropriate training them.

Crowd Management – When the event starts, the organizers need to manage the crowd. You should include anticipating crowd, entrance, exit, parking, monitoring and dispersal in the checklist.

Emergency – Organizers need to think about emergency services. The checklist should include security and law enforcement around, evacuation, responding to emergency, standby emergency team and many more.


Reducing Alcohol – If the event includes alcohol, organizers need to make sure that the impact of alcohol is reduced. The checklist should include policies, special promotions and licenses.

After the Event – After the event, there are many things that should be considered. Organizes should include in your checklist the cleaning, recording and evaluation.

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