See what happened to oil prices at Nigeria

As we all know, the constantly declining global oil pricehas affected the economy of most of the countries having an oil-dependent economy, such geometry dash hack as Nigeria. This falling oil price has brought gloom for not just the oil countries, but also investors in oil sector as well as the various oil companies. To ensure that the situation doesn’t get any worse and affect global economy in a major way, various steps are being discussed by the various stakeholders.

In the last couple of year, the fall in oil price per barrel has been quite significant. While the barrel price of U.S. crude CLc1 went down by around $1.32 per barrel, the oil price of Brent crude LCOc1 oil decreased by almost $1.2 each barrel. As a result of this,castle clash hack many oil companies were hit badly and had to let go almost 250,000 employees across the globe in order to remain afloat. This has further affected the industry morale and to improve which various efforts are being made to artificially boost roblox hack oil price. Many influential stakeholders met on a common platform a couple of months back to discuss how to control this matter, and even discussed an output freeze of all oil production.

Among those countries affected the most, Nigeria is the most prominent. The country’s current President, Mr.Muhammadu Buhari is putting into place a number of initiatives to revive the economy. But so far, not much progress is being seen on this front. Buhari blames this on the previous government and as per him, the previous administration did not save enough during hungry shark evolution hack their booming phase, causing this problem today. He also accused the previous government of neglecting other areas of revenue like agriculture, and depending completely on oil, due to which the country’s economy is now hurting. Buhari’s claim is supported by the fact Nigeria’s economic growth has reduced by around 4% over the last year.

President Buhari seems to have learnt a hard lesson, which he was keen on sharing with the neighbour South Sudan in a recent address. The occasion was a farewell ceremony held for the outgoing South Sudanese ambassador. Buhari shared his covet fashion hack wisdom on this platform with South Sudanese government and advised them to utilize other potential avenues like agriculture, so as to avoid fate similar to Nigeria’s.

The last few years have been quite difficult for Nigeria on many fronts. Apart from the economic downturn, Nigeria is also facing insurgency by the infamous terrorist group Boko shadow fight 2 hack Haram. These clashes have widely and negatively affected Nigeria’s social scenario as well. Although Nigeria has many powerful benefactors such as the United States, the government is finding it very difficult to completely eradicate the Boko Haramproblem for good.

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