Snacks for Your Boys

Every Sunday, your boys bond together. They either go out to eat or they watch movies. If they stay in the house, of course, you have to prepare some snacks. However, your recipes are repetitive and boring that your husband asked you to think of fresh and new recipes. Fret no more because there are snacks that will excite their taste buds.


How about burgers? Singaporeans love burgers and your boys will surely appreciate it. Here are some snacks for your boys:

  • Cheeseburgers: Cheeseburgers are easy to prepare and make. It will take you about twenty minutes to prepare and serve the snacks. You only need patties, butter, buns, pepper, salt, cheese and toppings (like pickle, lettuce, onion, ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise). You only need to grill the burger for two minutes per side then put it on buns. Serve with オンライン カジノ your desired toppings.
  • Mini Turkey burgers: Mini Turkey burgers will take more or less thirty minutes preparation and cooking. You need sandwich bread, turkey patties, cheddar cheese, grated onions, salt, pepper, olive and toppings (like tomatoes, lettuce, mustard and ketchup). You have to cook the patty first for five minutes per side then serve with desired toppings.
  • Classic burger: If your boys prefer pure burger, you do not need to put anything. It will take about twenty minutes to prepare and cook. You only need beef patties, vegetable oil, salt, ground pepper and buns. After grilling patties for two to four minutes per side, you can serve it on buns with all-purpose dressing.


  • Pork and chorizo burgers: If you want a twist, you can always consider pork and chorizo burgers. Your boys will surely get excited. It will only take about thirty minutes to prepare and cook. You need vegetable oil, smoked chorizo, patties, Cajun seasoning, salt, cayenne pepper, jack cheese, buns, green-chili mayo and lettuce. After cooking patties (made of pork and chorizo) for about seven to eight minutes per side, you can put it in buns and top it with lettuce and your green-chili mayo.

If preparing and cooking the snacks mentioned above is inconvenient for you, you can always have it delivered. There are many burger stores here in Singapore that you can easily call. Do not just let your boys without food. Your husband will surely appreciate your effort.

If your boys are done with burgers, there are other recipes that you can consider. There are wings, nachos, onion rings, salsas, dips, fries and many more. You can make these healthy if you are particular about nutritional contents.


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