Snippets of Wisdom from Successful Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs are made not born. No one is born an innate entrepreneur. You should remember that and when you hear people say you do not have that entrepreneurial spirit or you do not have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in the future, you can prove them all wrong. With your personal learnings along the way and the snippets of wisdom from successful entrepreneurs as your inspiration, you can make a fine entrepreneur soon enough.


You just need to believe in yourself and claim that you can do it. Being an entrepreneur is risky enough but you will not be successful if you are just in your comfort zone, staying safe. Take that leap of faith and start with your ideas and concepts right away. Here are some snippets of wisdom that you can get from successful entrepreneurs:

Live a quiet work and life

Sometimes it is easy to just be loud when things get out of hand. You may hear people shouting but it doesn’t mean that you do that too! Remember that in the quietness of your world, you can think of better things.

Know the six key touch points

Of course every entrepreneur aspires to be successful but it doesn’t mean you spend all of your time to your business. You may be successful one of these days but you will feel empty because you did not take care of the things around you except your business.  Remember that there are six key touch points so you will feel whole. The touch points include love, kids, business, travel, health and spirituality.


Decide on the price that makes your heart feel good

As much as possible entrepreneurs inflate the prices so they can recoup everything instantly but that is not the way to go. If you want patronage of your customer, give a price that makes your heart feel good. Remember to keep the manufacturing or production cost in mind before you decide on the price.

Do not compromise quality

Even if it takes you days to achieve a thing of good quality, you should still do it. Sometimes it is easy to just make a thing but if you want your customers to return, you have to give them a product of good quality. Do not compromise quality because it is worth the effort.

The entrepreneurs make it sound easy but it is not. Here in Singapore, your ultimate goal is business continuity. Do not stop with enough. Make it a habit to think of great things. You greatest measure if you are successful is your thriving business. Do not just survive—thrive.


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