So You Are Travelling?

Whether you have a business or leisure trip to attend to, you need to pack the right things. If you are the type who overly packs, it is time for you to think about minimizing your baggage and pack only what are essential. If you are the type that packs lightly, you should re-evaluate too and make sure you carry all essential items. The lesson here is, you should balance your packing. Here are some helpful packing methods:



There is a right and wrong way to fold. You should not arrange your clothes as you would arrange it in your dresser. It will consume more space and it when compressed, it will crease. The best way is to take two garments then rest half of one pair on top of the other. You should fold the bottom garment first then fold the other on top.


Rolling clothing will save more space. Backpackers will attest to that. There is a right way to roll your clothes. When you roll pants, shirts and skirts, make sure that you rest the item (your pants, shirts and skirts) face down. The sleeves should be folded back before rolling it up from bottom to top.

luggage full and ready to travel


If you will bring delicate items, you will find tissues or paper towels a big help. This item should be positioned face down. Try to get the tissue paper on top of it then fold it up. If you want to protect the garments more, you need to completely wrap it with tissue paper.

Everyone should learn the art of packing. Packing the right things is crucial in the success of your travel. Do not pack overly or lightly. Pack just right. Enjoy your travel!

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