Taking Care of Your Wedding Jewellery

We don’t want our engagement ring and wedding ring to get dirty or lost as these things are significant to us and full of memories.


With the basics on how to take care of wedding bands, you can be sure that your rings can last for a lifetime—just like marriage and love. Here are some practical facts on taking care of your jewelleries.

Tip #1: Use a jewellery box with separate sections

To keep your proposal ring from Ling customised wedding bands in Singapore in good condition, make sure that it doesn’t come in contact with your other jewelleries as this can cause unwanted scratches to your ring. You can also wrap your wedding ring and other jewelleries in fine fabric if your storage box has no individual compartments. Jewellery boxes with separate sections are available in Singapore malls and shopping centres.

Tip #2: Take it off when doing particular activities

These include doing house cleaning chores such as gardening and painting, or doing a task wherein there is a great risk of getting your engagement ring dirty. It’s better to take it off and keep it for a while in a secured place than to have stubborn dirt and stains on it. Just don’t forget to where you have placed it.


Tip #3: Remove when swimming

Chlorine which is greatly present in swimming pools in Singapore resorts and hotels can damage wedding bands. Gemstones may also get loose and fall out from their settings. Make sure to bring with you a small jewellery box where you can place your wedding ring.

Tip #4: Store your jewellery in room temperature

Do not place your customized Singapore wedding bands close to a heating system, window sill, and even on the dashboard of your vehicle. Coloured gemstones may fade when they are directed to heat and sunlight.


Tip #5: Clean wedding bands regularly

Make sure that you clean your proposal ring and wedding ring from time to time in order to avoid tarnishes.

In cleaning gold rings, you only need a cleaning solution of washing powder (with no whitening or bleaching effect) and a few drops of ammonia. For silver jewelleries, use a washing powder with no chlorine and active oxygen. You can also add a few drops of ammonia if you like.

Moreover, if you notice dark spots, you can rub them off using a flannel and hyposulphite solution (one tablespoon of hyposulphite per glass of water). For dusts, you can get rid of them using a cotton bud that has been soaked in glycerine. Then with a flannel, you can polish your wedding ring after removing the dusts.

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