The Gift of 3D Printing  


For those that are not familiar with 3D printing, this is our chance to know it well and how it revolutionized our world. Here are the benefits of 3D printing:

  • Save money: The creation of prototype mold tools for example is an expensive benefit. 3D printing allows the making of these tools through additive manufacturing – which is more economical.
  • Getting the clear picture: 3D printing made it possible to create conceptual picture of the product to our clients. Somehow this is better than describing it to them. 3D printing will surely give our clients the clear picture of the product and it is less prone to ambiguity.
  • Banking on feedback: In the past, we need to produce a thousand to see how products interact in the market but today, with only a few, we can present it to buyers by featuring it on trade shows. The feedbacks of the few clients can lead us to the perfect product and before mass producing it, we already know its potential.
  • Building imagination: The possibilities are endless in 3D printing. Now, every thought and imagination can be real. In a short time, an imagination or thought can be produced real time.


For those that know about 3D printing, the good news is that there is a 3D printing facility here in Singapore and it is the biggest in Southeast Asia. The 3D facility was opened on September 28, 2015 by Ultra Clean Asia Pacific (UCT). UCT is targeting large sectors like medical and aerospace.

According to the assistant managing director of Economic Development Board, the facility reflects Singapore’s movement towards progressive engineering and manufacturing.


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